Parkour Programs for Physical Education


American Parkour opened the world’s first parkour training facility in 2006 and has led in the art of  teaching parkour ever since. For the last ten years, we have safely trained thousands of children, giving them a joy for movement and a determination to approach obstacles as opportunities.

Working closely with District of Columbia Public Schools, American Parkour has built on our experience to create a Parkour program for Physical Education. We have the experience to create curricula for every grade that align with SHAPE America grade level outcomes.

We offer complete comprehensive packages that include training your physical education teachers, durable equipment hand-crafted in the U.S.A by American Parkour, custom created lesson plans, and continuous support. Our programs are geared specifically to Pre-K to 3rd grade and 4th-12th. We also work with colleges and universities to implement programs and clubs

Video by Ryan Walker, PE teacher at Kelly Miller Middle School, who helped write the 8 week Parkour curriculum in use at every DC middle school.

We invite you to further discuss how American Parkour can put you on the leading edge of Physical Education by implementing our parkour program for your students. Please email Mark Toorock [email protected] or call 1-844-4-PARKOUR