Have you ever been training and performed a difficult jump or perfectly flowing combo only to look back and feel like it wasn’t “you” who did it, but almost like it was done by itself? Your mind was quiet, free of self-doubt, totally in the moment and your body was free to move at its absolute best.

This state is celebrated in Zen Buddhism as the Ensō, “A circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.”

In parkour and freerunning we like to think of our bodies as the paintbrush and our world as the canvas, painting with our movement.

We wanted to capture that spirit, to keep it on us throughout the day as we carried our training philosophy from one moment to the next. So we worked together with talented illustrator Brian Prince to put together a design that reminds us to celebrate the Enso in our daily lives.

We’d love to introduce our newest design, the Enso:

You can pick up the design as a Hooded Shirt (in Heather White), or as a regular T-shirt in White or Olive. The cuts are unisex, so they fit great on ladies, too. If you get a pair, send us photos of you wearing it and we’ll share it on with our community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.