New York Women’s Meetup

women meetup

New York had one of it’s first Women’s meet ups this past weekend. Melanie Robin has been working closely with a ton of great people in New York to open up new Women’s meet-ups.

Caitlin Pontrella from the Movement Creative coached the first meet up quite a bit! The success of the women’s meet ups are that MULTIPLE communities are coming together – APK, Brooklyn Zoo, individual trainers, The Movement Creative are all pulling from our communities and sharing knowledge to bring more people to parkour!

Are you a women in the New York area? To find out when the next meet up is check out the Facebook page here or join MeetUp here. 




Written by

Melanie Hunt

Melanie is the newest and only female member of The Tribe Parkour/Freerunning Performance Team. As a former NCAA collegiate gymnast she discovered parkour three years ago and has trained diligently ever since.