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Stepping Stones

By Mark Lewis – 2009

Stepping Stones

This game can be played with any number of players. You will need 4 pennies, 1 nickel, and a spot where you can easily see the coins if they are on the ground. (black top is ideal) The object is to use the coins like stepping stone to recreate a random jumping path.
  1. One player takes the 5 coins in hand and tosses them up (careful not to pelt you friends with change). Now you have 4 pennies and 1 nickel scattered randomly about the blacktop.
  2. Each player must hop to each coin in turn. You can only land on each penny 1 time. You start and stop on the nickel; you can touch it only twice.
  3. Try to be in constant motion. Stay fluid and fast.
  4. Once everyone has made a single attempt, pick up the coins and let the next player scatter them again. Keep the pattern changing and stay on your toes.

Stepping Stones Variations

  • Add more pennies to the mix.
  • Try it in an area with a couple simple obstacle, like a hand rail or a few benches. Make sure you can still see the coins clearly where they lie.
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