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Snowman Tab

This is a drill I use for warm-up every week in kid’s classes, and have used for adults as well. It’s a dodgeball game that requires only one ball. One person is the “Snowman/woman/person” and tries to hit the other players with the ball. When touched by the snowball (I use the yellow dodgeball because of course you use the yellow dodgeball) that person becomes “frozen” and must be tagged by someone else to be unfrozen. Once frozen 3 times, that person becomes a “Snowminion” whose purpose is to retrieve the ball for the Snowman. This is important because the Snowman may not move while holding the ball. The Snowman must throw the ball at someone after picking it up, strategically throwing the ball in order to move is not allowed. This is one that involves a lot of running around and starts slow but ramps up quickly once someone becomes a Snowminion.
Kids cannot get enough of this one.

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