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By Mark Lewis – 2009



This game can be played with 2 or more players. You will need a paper bag. A large paper grocery bag is ideal. The object of the game is to squat on 1 leg and retrieve the paper bag from the ground using your mouth.
  1. Place the paper bag on the ground right side up (so you can see into the bag).
  2. Each player attempts to retrieve the bag from the ground with your mouth
  3. Your attempt begins when you lift one foot off the ground. At that point, you need to squat down on 1 leg and retrieve the bag by gripping one of its top edges in your mouth.
  4. Your attempt is successful when you stand up straight again with the bag in your mouth. If anything but the sole of one shoe touches the ground before then, you fail the attempt.
  5. When each person succeeds, tear 1in. off the top of the bag and start a new round. Each player gets 2 attempts in each new round. If you fail twice you’re out. Last person standing wins!

Groceries Variations

  • Play a game on your strong foot. Play another on your weak foot. Score each leg separately (number of rounds). The person with the highest total of both legs is the winner.
  • Each player must swap feet every round. If round 1 is on your right, round 2 has to be the left, and so on.
  • Try playing the game while standing on a precision trainer, narrow curb, or parking block.
I hope you and everyone else who tries these games has a great time. Have a happy new year, train hard, and have fun!
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