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The Ball Drop Countdown

By Henry Collie – 2009
Hey guys! After a healthy break, I’m back. I hope my absence has made all of your hearts just a little bit fonder. I figured that this month, seeing as it’s getting closer to the time for holiday cheer, I’d try out a festive game. Hopefully it will help you to get into the best mood you can for training.
I think it’s important to be happy when you train, and whether or not you celebrate the holiday season, I think it’s important that we all see past the religion, the presents, and the money to the real point of the holiday: happiness. This game will focus on teamwork and I guess, working on a holiday theme, presents will have play a part too. I think it’s safe to say that for most (if not all) of us, parkour is about filling that space, the gap in your soul,  or your head or whatever you want to call it.  So, without further ado, I’ll leave you with the wise words of Bobby McFerrin which completely encompass my philosophy and reasoning for doing parkour “Don’t worry be happy”.

Game: The Ball Drop Countdown

You will need many many obstacles (surprise, surprise) and 2 or more people.
  1. Pick a start point and an end point and have everyone go from point A to B while being timed.
  2. The first one to decrease their time by ten seconds wins a prize. A prize also goes to the one who completes the course in ten seconds, and another to the first one to complete it in ten or less moves.
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