Kyle “EPIC” Mendoza

Give us a brief background about yourself and how you became involved in parkour.

I’ve always been a high energy individual, always loved to jump and play.  I started in martial arts, and built awareness and control through that.  When I found out about [Parkour] it was a perfect outlet for me and my type of energy.  When I started, there were no teachers, so I had to teach myself, and now I have been able to come as far as I have today.

How has parkour impacted your life? What are some of the positive benefits you have found from this sport?

Parkour has definitely taken me places.  I’ve been to trade shows and events with companies.  I’ve been able to become an ambassador for products in other companies.  I’ve made some amazing friends and trained with some fantastic athletes. It’s been a model for success.  I’ve been able to relate the way I train to how I approach every day life.  It’s been very fulfilling for me, especially the fact that I’ve been able to share what I’ve learned on YouTube.


Your YouTube channel boast approximately 120,000 (subscribers). Can you tell me what motivated you to make so many detailed videos?

I’ve always had a passion for sharing knowledge.  When I was in martial arts I would always bring people in to my classes, just because I wanted to have them learn what i learned.

I wanted to give as many tips about a movement because when I started, there were no teachers.  So, I wanted to put all the knowledge out there for all the people who started like me, who,  where there is no gym;  they are not in a city where there is a big community.  So I wanted to put out all that information so that they had in one video, kind of like a free online class.  They won’t have to struggle with learning the way I did so they can progress faster, become better, and have more fun!

In addition to your YouTube channel you have been recognized as a community leader through teaching parkour classes, holding workshops and other special events. Why do you feel it’s so important to give back and to be involved in the parkour community?

If you’re holding back knowledge, you’re holding back progression and advancement.  The way I see it, what if you have a five year old who couldn’t say “mama”, or “dadda”? Something inside you tells you, “I want to help that person progress.” If you’re better than someone and you recognize that someone is struggling with something and you know how to help them, I feel like it would irresponsible to not take part and say, “look, let me help you out. This is a way I learned to overcome that.” The more we can share, the more we can become connected.  The community will grow and will be a lot stronger.

Throughout the years you’ve gained numerous sponsors and have had opportunities to travel all over, What was one of your favorite parkour experiences?

One that was memorable for me was placing third in the Red Bull Art of Motion in 2010, where Red Bull partnered with WFPF and sent some athletes down to Tampa.  I ended up being the highest scoring American.  There were a lot of people I looked up to, and I was not expecting to place at all.  I had not heard my name when they were calling the top 8. But sure enough I was third.  It was a nifty moment for me, because it was very unexpected.  

It was very reassuring for me in a way.  My favorite part about it was being with other athletes; literally other people who train, who love to do what you do 24/7, and get to do it 24/7.  I’ve been able to get some great friends out of that.


If you had any advice for the next generation of athletes what would you tell them?

Definitely share what you’ve learn, because if you hold back knowledge, you’re holding back progression.  If somebody else is better than you, that means you can learn from them.  If somebody ends up better than you, whether it’s under your control or not, you would want them to help you.  Share what you know, and have as much fun learning as possible. Make a difference. If you get bored, help someone else.

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