American Parkour Ambassadors

American Parkour Ambassadors

We want to recognize the amazing people out there who embody the values of American Parkour. Ambassadors are a special breed, who are not only dedicated to their own training, but driven to share their journey with others and motivate them to do the same. These are the people we want to represent American Parkour with their actions.

Why represent American Parkour as an Ambassador?

  • You love parkour and the amazing power it has to transform people’s lives.
  • You feel that American Parkour promotes parkour to the world in the best possible way.
  • You’re proud to stand behind the values and things that American Parkour does.
  • You’re happy to advance parkour, and the best way to do that is to be part of APK.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

  • Reach and interact with the parkour community through APK’s extensive social connections.
  • You have the full support of American Parkour, including your fellow Ambassadors.
  • Not only are you recognized as an outstanding member of the parkour community—you become part of our team.

What do we ask of our Ambassadors?

Keep being you, and doing the things you do, but make APK a part of it. For example:

  • Each one of our Tribe members leads a local community, shares their media on APK, and helps our fans online to learn and grow by answering questions.
  • Melanie, Kate, and Adrienne host a women’s parkour meetup and mention APK at the beginning of all of their jams.
  • Stephen posts photos and videos of his training progress to the APK Facebook.
  • Paul helps build meaningful content for the community website.
  • Chris watches 100’s of video submissions each week to pick out the community spotlight.
  •  Jay “Goku” James  moved to LA to share his love for parkour while pursuing his dreams as an actor, model, and stunt performer.
  • Lindsey keeps in touch with university clubs from around the world.
  • Raul organizes an entire community around the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Hugo inspires thousands of traceurs with his amazing skills and infectiously great attitude.

How can I become an Ambassador?

Like S.H.I.E.L.D., when the time is right, we’ll find you. If you’re already doing all these things and we haven’t noticed, send us a message with your story.

Does American Parkour sponsor athletes?

While we respect the tremendous talent involved in sponsored athletes, we place far greater importance on promoting and advancing parkour. Even though some of our athletes may compete in competitions, it is their attitude and passion for helping others that matters most.