In the Explore classes, we explore different training styles and focuses.

Explore Schedules:

M-F from 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Monday: Parkour Conditioning
This class is all about doing something hard because it’s hard. These nights will strengthen your mental fortitude as we test the limits of your perseverance through challenges of effort. If you’re interested in gaining fitness for parkour, but aren’t looking for the grueling endurance challenges that this class provides then try PK L.I.T.E, which takes a progressive and methodical approach to getting stronger and better conditioned.

Tuesday: Progressive Flips
Tuesday’s class is a flips and acrobatics night that will follow a progressive cycle, meaning we’ll focus on one particular flip or move and progress through the drills each week to give you the best chance to master that skill. Cycles will be posted on the calendar!

Wednesday: Seminars/ Martial Arts and Other Disciplines
A central tenet of parkour at its inception was to never get stuck in patterns for too long. The best way to expand our movement fluency is to practice other sports and disciplines. On the schedule will be Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling, breakdance, and tons of others! If you know a martial art or dance style and want to share, let us know!

Thursday: Advanced Parkour and Speed Course/ Competition Training
Thursdays will alternate weekly between advanced parkour and speed course work. Advanced parkour covers some of the more challenging aspects of the training and will involve bigger jumps and more technical skills. This might include difficult combos like vaults to rail precision, lache to cat grab, or diveroll drops. Speed course days will be training for competition-style parkour races, with the emphasis on working to complete difficult courses at maximum speed.

Friday: Freerunning Friday
On Friday, class at 8pm is all about freerunning. Freerunning places emphasis on creative expression through obstacles. We’ll work on movements such as wall-spins and flyaways and work to integrate them seamlessly with parkour movement like vaults and underbars.

Membership Cost:

  • Unlimited classes – $159/month
  • Any 3 Classes/ Week- $129/ month
  • Any 2 Classes/ Week- $99/ month
  • Any 1 Class/ Week- $70/ month

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