Parkour Instructor Certification

APK Instructor Certification Program

The American Parkour Instructor Certification Program is a comprehensive 3-day training program based on the longest-running parkour curriculum in the US: the APK Academy. The program is administered by Travis Graves, Head Coach and Program Director at American Parkour, one of the most experienced coaches in the country with over 14 years as a professional. The program promotes the healthy growth of parkour by providing useful and relevant information about the discipline, training practices, histories and philosophies for those who coach others to help them attain their potential through movement.

Upcoming Dates

February 10-12th 2023| Hoosier Warriors Gym | Lvl 1&2 Combined Cert

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Early bird registration by 01/01/2023 is $700! Register after 1/1 for $800.

Don’t see a date or location that work for you? Is the class already filled? We can notify you when more classes become available if you pass along your contact information here.

Benefits of holding the APK Certified Instructor certificate:

  • Official recognition of the American Parkour teaching curriculum for parkour instructors looking to teach in an official capacity such as gyms, college clubs and other scenarios that require certification. This also includes personal trainers and other fitness professionals looking to add something unique and fun to their arsenal.
  • Learn the fundamentals of parkour movement and how to efficiently and safely teach others.
  • Understand the kinesthetics of parkour and how to properly apply parkour techniques to multiple levels of athleticism and ability.
  • Learn how to design and instruct parkour classes for a wide variety of situations.
  • Your name and information on APK’s list of Certified Trainers.
  • Fuel your fire in parkour with new training knowledge, drills, and mindset to take back to your local parkour community.
  • A direct line of communication with APK Academy HQ, including a certified instructor’s forum, training resources for on-going classes and drills, and assistance in training matters such as building attendance and gym management.


  • Familiarity with basic parkour techniques equivalent to one year of consistent, dedicated training. Video demonstration of skills will be considered as substitute for training time at the discretion of certification administrators.
  • Some coaching experience in a movement discipline, parkour or otherwise, is recommended.

What to expect:

  • Hands-on learning that includes lots of movement to demonstrate proper form and corrections, and mock classroom situations to practice coaching skills.
  • “Classroom” learning including basics of anatomy and biomechanics relating to training, principles of exercise science and programming, how to spot and treat injuries and physical inefficiencies, parkour history and philosophies, and much more.
  • A physical movement and written exam to test candidates in their understanding and mastery of the material. Attendance of the program does not guarantee certification, but all aspects of the exam may be made up at no charge if the initial exam is failed.


  • Cost is $800 ($700 if you register Early Bird) and only 8 General spots per session are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There is 1 reserved spot available for those leading college or university parkour/ freerunning clubs. Contact Travis for details at [email protected]
  • Certification is held at APK Affiliated Gyms
  • It consists of three days of training from 9am–6pm

For questions and enrollment email [email protected]

“The APK Instructor Program was an invaluable experience to me. Even though I have been teaching formally prior to taking this course it still offered a good amount of information that I could add to my classes, reinforce the things that I was doing well and adapt the things I had trouble with teaching. It also helped rekindle my interest in learning about teaching as I feel like I had gotten a little complacent with my teaching. It’s definitely a great experience and I suggest it to anyone interested in stepping up their teaching abilities.” – Jereme Sanders, graduate of the inaugural program

” I learned more in those 3 days of certification than I have in all the years that I’ve been training.
Not even taking into account the training, drills, and how much genuine fun I had.
The facts, science they taught us about biomechanics, injury prevention, and helping progress beginners alone; was absolutely well worth it to me personally.
Thank you APK. .” – Shinobi Poli, owner of Shinobi School

“Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Teaching I Learned from Parkour. That’s right, in just three days under the tutelage of Travis Graves of the American Parkour Certification Program, I came away with an understanding about not just parkour instruction, but teaching, in general, that is more valuable than both my degrees in education.” – Keith Mylett, Parkour instructor and school teacher in Hawaii

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