American Parkour improves people’s lives by promoting, teaching, and advancing the discipline of parkour. Come with us on a journey to discover what your body and mind are capable of.

We've been helping traceurs and freerunners from around the world to learn, train, connect, and enjoy life via parkour since 2002.

We run the APK Academy, a parkour gym in Washington, DC. We have Affiliates around the world. We offer the world's most comprehensive parkour instructor certification to help trainers learn what they need to safely teach parkour to others.

We love representing parkour in our day-to-day lives, so we've always focused on creating the best apparel for parkour and freerunning through our parkour store.

Our globally renowned performance team, the Tribe, have travelled for live events, seminars, and have performed at hundreds of commercial venues.

We've had years to discover who we are, and what we believe in:

  1. We believe in the power of parkour to improve people's live.

    People should be accountable for their actions and proud of themselves. Through personal achievement, you build self reliance, self confidence, and patience.

  2. We believe in exploring the world.

    It's important to play, like a kid. We believe in seeing things in new ways, different perspectives, an open mind. Explore yourself.

  3. We believe in making things of quality, substance, and lasting value.

    Things we build should be useful for generations to come.

  4. We believe in respecting ourselves and the community.

    Our environment is sacred, and we aim to protect it. The Leave No Trace mentality is second-nature to us.

  5. We believe that humans are capable of amazing things.

    Improvement comes from constant hard work and progression, not quick fixes or “natural abilities”. We believe in striving for progress, not perfection.

  6. Play is important.

    We have fun, because it's the best part of being human.

  7. We believe in living in the moment.

    Society tells you that a hand rail is to be leaned on. Parkour shows you that the hand rail can be a tool for exercise, play, creativity and improvement.

Whenever you need us, reach out.

You can connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We're always open through email. If you happen to be in Washington, DC, come by our gym to say hello!