Mark Toorock Interviews David Belle

American Parkour founder Mark Toorock was able to get in touch with old friend and Parkour founder David Belle to ask a few questions about Brick Mansions. Here are David’s answers as relayed by Florian Busi: American Parkour: How did you convince them to let you add so much real parkour to the opening chase scene? David Belle: I didn’t have to convince them, they knew why they wanted to engage me. The opening chase scene is a touch of Banlieue 13, the…

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Être Fort Pour Être Utile

Usefulness. Everyone wants to be useful don’t they? A fairer statement may be that no one wants to be useless. What is useful? Different people have different definitions of the word useful. A traceur should have one definition, helpful in any situation that requires physical stamina, strength, balance, or agility. Our whole discipline evolved from a desire: Etre fort pour etre utile.  “Be strong to be useful.” In parkour we train to overcome obstacles. We train to make the 10…

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Thoughts On Movement and The Creative Process

For my animation class we were asked to read the following article about the creative process: When Glei wrote “The theta state is characterized by the ability to shut out the world and deeply concentrate and connect with a task at hand.”  This quote really stood out to me because I feel that it relates to how I live my life, since I’ve never stopped playing.  I jump around on walls for fun, play at least 7 or 8…

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American Ninja Warrior is Back!

We just heard from NBC and American Ninja Warrior about the next season. Think you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior? Here are the juicy details: American Ninja Warrior is back for Season 6 and there are some exciting changes: The first being that all episodes will air on NBC only. In addition, we’ve made the application slightly shorter and we’ve cut the previously required video length in half. As always, we are looking for energetic, creative,…

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Stop Spain’s Anti-Parkour Law!

An approved draft law in Spain would make it illegal to insult Spain, play games or sports such as parkour, or even climb a building without permission. If you strongly disagree with these laws like local groups MADD and APK disagree with them. Sign the online petition in the link provided. Read up on the law here and sign the petition here!

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