Renae Dambly at Beast Coast

APK is thrilled to announce a new arrival to our lineup of Beast Coast’s Special Guests: Renae Dambly will be joining us along with Dom Di Tommaso, Joe Scandrett, Calen Chan, Charlie Havill, and APK Sponsored Athletes Chad Zwadlo, Seth Ruji, and Luke Albrecht. Renae Dambly is a professional parkour performer and competitor from Denver, Colorado. She became the youngest coach at APEX Movement at the age of 16 years old. We reached her with a couple of questions in…

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DC Public Schools: One Year After Parkour is Introduced

February 12, 2018                                                                           For Immediate Release One Year in, D.C. Public Schools Parkour Program Has Kids Leaping with Confidence When Miriam Kenyon went looking for a new way to get DC’s public school kids active and engaged, she found parkour and DC’s American Parkour Academy (APK). Together, Kenyon and APK developed a curriculum that has been rolled out to 40 schools across DC and Maryland and is gaining national attention. Last year, Miriam Kenyon, Director of Health &…

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United States Parkour Association

Parkour is growing up, and along the way we’ve certainly had our share of growing pains. What we all share is a passion for moving, improving, and becoming stronger so that we can be useful to others. American Parkour is proud to be among the founding groups of a new US based governing body for Parkour, USPK.   Here is a governing body which is just getting started which is being founded on the principles of Good Governance, Plurality, and…

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American Parkour goes to SHAPE

We recently attended the SHAPE American Eastern District conference in Vermont. For those unfamiliar, SHAPE America is the Society of Health and Physical Educators – its members include a wide variety of people from Health and Physical Education: teachers, administrators and directors of health and physical education. We were fortunate for the opportunity to be part of DCPS’s Presentation Session “Por qué Parkour” in which their aim was to show why Parkour is a perfect fit for Physical Education classes in…

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Parkour Over 40

Despite what a sampling of YouTube and “People are Awesome” videos might tell you, parkour is not just for ripped 18 year old boys doing double flips. In fact, while these spectacularly athletic and often courageous feats may get the spotlight, they are not the actual majority of parkour practice. Instead, it is a practice enjoyed by many people of both sexes across a broad spectrum of age, physical ability, and risk tolerance. Classes are available for children as young…

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