APK Ambassador Keith Mylett recently hosted the University of Hawaii (UH) parkour club at Precision Parkour (Honolulu, HI) for a club field trip.

Always looking for ways to give back to the parkour community, Keith was more than happy to host them when the leaders of the club, Matt Jang and Nathan Young, reached out with the idea. The UH parkour club ended up joining one of the adult parkour classes at Precision Parkour which serves a wide range of students from ages 13 to over 60! The outing was a great opportunity for the parkour club members to experience something new and gain a different perspective for their training. “It was a great way for my students to see highly-skilled athletes (Matt and Nathan, the club leaders) teach and demonstrate,” Keith explained, mentioning the importance of variety in one’s training.

“My teen students enjoyed showing off their flips and skills to college kids as well as seeing Matt do some nice kong pre’s,” Keith said. They also played ‘parkour chase’ which is a game of tag. Check out the video below to see it in action.

This game allowed the club members to experience parkour with a sense of urgency, something they don’t practice often at UH. The university has lots of great spots to train, but the gym hopefully inspired the club members to try new skills or combos a little outside of their comfort zone, especially since students are able to scale distance and height at the gym. All in all, it was a great community event!

So, what’s next after the field trip? “I hope to turn this into a monthly thing,” Keith says. He hopes to be a part of helping the club thrive, even after its current leaders graduate this year.

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