North Carolina PKJam

“June 7th marked the 20th anniversary of the North Carolina Parkour Jams. Hosted in Winston-Salem by the local traceurs of Triad Locomotion, NCPKJXX was an event filled with fun, community, and movement. Community members from all over the state made an appearance, and even some close neighbors, Virginia Tech Parkour and Trinity Parkour (from South Carolina) to name a few, joined in on the fun. The day started off at 10:30 with an excellent warm-up, followed by some training at Corpening Plaza, the first of three locations. Lunch happened at around 2, and while traceurs will always find a little bit of dislike for Parkour wherever they train, it’s certain that the local food business love the food-vacuums that are traceurs on jam days. The day came to a close (for some people) with some more freestyle training and tricking at Saw Tooth Square. Needless to say, NCPKJXX was an excellent day full of excellent training, and excellent company, with many old reunions and new friendships.” –  Renato Varga President of UNC.