Learn, train, and develop your Parkour skills!

(The event will start and end based on the EST Eastern Time Zone, according to the clocks in North Carolina.)

Class first and a Jam afterward.

Class price: $25 per participant
Jam price: Free

The class starts at 10am at _Unc Chapel Hill’s Forest Theater____ and ends at 11:15am

The Jam starts at _11:30am__ at the __Forest Theater____, and we’ll start training and walking around to various spots on the campus at that time. The Jam will end at 3pm.

During the jam we’ll enjoy five exercises: Free Training, Creation of an Action Video (for anyone that wants to be involved), Rahyz Game Speed, Rahyz Game Free Run, and Tag

Call Jay cell at 919-924-9466 if you need help or have any questions.

10am – 3pm

Wear your Rahyz Uniforms Everyone
If you need to order another, contact me.

1. Free training
2. Group Action Video
3. Rahyz Game Speed
4. Rahyz Game Free run
5. Tag