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Urban Ninja will be hosting a 3 day event with hours of open gym training on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, featuring speed and freestyle competitions, workshops taught by some of America’s top parkour athletes, and a whole bunch of training!
It’s going to be a great time for everyone, regardless of your age or skill level.

The competition will feature two events: the Freestyle and the Speed Challenge One for kids and one for adults.
The New Year’s jam will take place on Friday, January 12th through the 14th and will include cash prizes and more to the top 3 competitors for each event.

Special Guest:
Team Storror:
Maxwell Henry:
Caleb: Rilla Hops
Jimmy: Rilla Hops
Gareth: Rilla Hops
Lorena: Rilla Hops

1st $TBA New pair of KO shoes and Urban Ninja Parkour merchandise!
2nd $TBA Urban Ninja Parkour T-shirt
3rd $TBA

1st $TBA & New pair of KO shoes and Urban Ninja Parkour merchandise!
2nd $TBA & Urban Ninja Parkour T-shirt
3rd $TBA

For housing/accommodation information and more,
Contact Basil at (407) 274-3469
They will try their best to help everyone find housing.


•Jam: 5 to 10pm

•Jam: 12pm to 3pm
•3pm Kids speed and style competition
•adults speed & style after kids competition

•Jam: 12pm to 6pm

If you pre-register for jam or competition you will be given a $5 discount

EVERYONE under the age of 18 that has not ever been to urban ninja must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a waiver and bring in a copy of their parent’s photo ID.

Online waiver:

PRICING – Pre Register pricing ends Jan 2nd
•1 day Jam $25 **$20 if pre-register**
•2 day Jam $40 **$35 if pre-register**
•3 day Jam $55 **$50 if pre-register**

**Buy 3 days and get 1free competition**

•Competition entry $20**$15 If pre-register**

•Competition spectator ticket $5

If you have paid for a 2-day or 3-day jam, you will receive 2 free spectator tickets or if you have a membership of 2 or more days with Urban Ninja Parkour it’s free as well


The speed challenge will consist of 3 rounds, each round is a little different than the last one to push athletes to be more powerful, technical, and of course faster!

Round 1 will be more of a qualifier and only the top 15 fastest times will move on to round 2

Will be diffrent from the the last round and only the top 7 athletes will move on to the finals

ROUND – 3 Finals!
Times from each round will be added together and the athletes with the overall fastest time wins!

Prizes go to top 3 overall fastest times

For each round, judges will have a pre-determined course that athletes must follow

If an athlete deviates from the course that’s an automatic 3 second penalty added to the athletes time

Athletes times from each course will be added together, and the athlete with the fastest overall combined time wins


In each round of this event the setup will change to something different, pushing athletes to be more creative and diverse!!

round 1 will be the shortest round with only 30 seconds given to athletes to put together a sick, nasty run

•30 seconds on the clock
Top 15 move onto round 2

Round 2 will be slightly longer and will have a totally different setup from the first round

•45 Seconds on the clock
Top 7 onto the finals

ROUND – 3 Finals
The ultimate freestyle match where the top 7 athletes battle it out for first place and title of freestyle UNP Open Champion

•60 Seconds on the clock
•Prizes go to top 3 overall combined scores from each round

Before each round athletes will be split into groups, and be given a total of 5 minutes for each group to warm up on the course, after all competitors have warmed up the round will start.

Contestants will be judged on 4 criterias
Flow – 10.0
Difficulty – 10.0
Execution – 10.0
Overall – 10.0

Perfect score for each category is 10 points and perfect score overall in each round is 40

Scores from each round will be added together and the athlete with the highest score wins.