The Midwest Parkour League is a rotating competition in which participants can travel to other facilities to participate in Parkour competitions to earn league points.

Current list of participating gyms (more are being added):

Fight or Flight Academy (Edina, MN)
Swift Movement Studio (Cincinnati, OH)
Kentuckiana Parkour (Louisville, KY)
Phoenix Freerunning Academy (Livonia, MI)
Parkour Horizons (Columbus, OH)
Akron Movement Family (Stow, OH)
League awards are given for:

At the end of each league season, awards are given, in addition to any prizes given at the local competitions.

1st – 3rd place in each division League Wide
Top Style Athlete League Wide
Top Speed Athlete League Wide
Top Skill Athlete League Wide
Sportmanship League Wide
Most Improved League Wide
Most Traveled League Wide
Best Style Run League Wide
Best Save/Ukemi League Wide
Fight or Flight’s Local Prizes will be given for:

1st – 3rd place in each division
Best Trick


Athletes test their ability to plan routes and execute with a single attempt to race the clock.


Athletes must demonstrate control, power, and adaptability to perform challenges they haven’t attempted before in a set timeframe with no practice attempts.


Athletes demonstrate their ability to create, execute, and perform a series of skills in a cohesive run, judged on creativity, flow, execution, and difficulty.


Co-Ed Ages 11-15
Co-Ed Ages 16+

*Times subject to change

Saturday, June 23rd
2:30pm – Ages 11-15 Skills Division
4:30 – Ages 16+ Skills Division

Sunday, June 24th
Noon – Ages 11-15 Speed Division
2pm – Ages 11-15 Freestyle Division

4pm – Ages 16+ Speed Division
6pm – Ages 16+ Freestyle Division