Building a Movmnt Practice

This full day workshop will ask questions about and explore the principles of movmnt through , games, drills, and movement tools. Helping all participants in the development of their Fighting Monkey Practice.

January 27th 8am-6pm
Revolutionary Fitness Harlem Studio
Low-Cost of $119

What will be explored;
-what questions every movement centered practice should ask.
-alignment and structure and how they both relate to the 3 body weight centers and the feet.
-the principles that are present in all forms of movement and how to recognize and work/play with them in our own Practice.

Aswad Foster has taught movement (in many of it’s various forms) in the L.E.S. for nearly 20 years. He is a senior student of the Fighting Monkey Practice and coaches track, soccer and flag football using the principles learned from that Practice.

Aswad currently teaches Movement and Stillness sessions in the lower east side of Manhattan, NYC for T.R.U. Movmnt.


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