Parkour Generations on June 21-23 in this national event which brings together coaches and participants from across the globe for a weekend of shared experiences and great training.

– Meet & Greet session to kick off the event on Friday – limited spots available!
– Two and a half days (16+ hours) of coaching from some of the world’s most experienced parkour / Art du Déplacement instructors hailing from around the world.
– 10-12 modules and workshops covering a range of parkour-related topics including modules about strength & conditioning, recovery and recuperation, nutrition, mental training, and the spiritual/philosophical side of training. Plus a few surprises!
– A full day of training on a giant indoor setup
– A full day of training at some of Boston’s best parkour spots.
– Discounted food from local restaurants & vendors
– A “Kids-only” setup and schedule for ages 8-13yo
– Free gear giveaways from some of our local and international sponsors
– An awesome weekend of training and fun!

More info available here