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APK WOD 9-2-14

Start with an APK Warm-Up

Rubberbanditz Band Training Week!

This week we’ll be doing workouts that involve the Rubberbanditz Band Training Kit. Stay tuned for the week and we’ll be releasing a brand new training tip video! Subscribers to the WOD get 10% our band kits this week only! Use the code “bandcamp10” at checkout!

Today, we’re going to focus on Dynos. In parkour, dynos are a useful climbing technique for walls, especially with rails on the top.

Dynos are incredibly shoulder intensive, so let’s warm up with some Shoulder Dislocates. Do 10 minutes (actually 10 minutes) of shoulder mobility.

Find a wall with a railing on top, or any place to work on your dynos. If you don’t have something suitable, just use a wall and focus on reaching up as high as you can after your explosive climb-up.

Do 10 sets of 3 dynos. Focus on explosiveness. Be sure to save some strength for tomorrow’s workout, so if you have to cut it a little short today, that’s just fine.

Finish up with a stretch