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Basic Parkour Landing

The Parkour Landing is one of the first building blocks of learning parkour. Below we will talk about the basic two footed landing. It can be used in any instance of Parkour in which a jump or a drop is involved.

The first move is to bring your knees up in front of you this should be done in mid air after you jump as you feel your self peek at your max jump height or for dismounting sakes as soon as you take off the knees should be up and in front of you, they can be slightly angled out but should almost form a 90 degree angle between your torso and your quadriceps,

Drop off the wall

While this is happening you should be keeping eye contact with your landing area.

When you feel your close enough to the ground you should extend your legs straight out almost attacking the ground, but not hard!

Feet Approach the Ground with toes pointed

At this point you have to think of the balls of your feet as tension receptors, as soon as the balls of your eet make solid contact with the ground (feet should be about shoulders with apart), Your sensors should go off telling you to move with the downward momentum (bending your knees to no lower then 90 degrees, depending on the height of the drop and your experience) and letting your body bend preferably in-between your knees, bringing your arms down in-between your knees to make contact with the ground.

Feet Contact the ground

This can dispel the last bit of force left after absorbing the drop with your lower body, it also helps to immediately recover into a full sprint, if needed.

Knees are bent hands absorbing impact

Practice the basic landing from small heights to start. Once you have control ( quite landings with controlled impact) you can work to increase the height.

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