Hubbub Competition: Parkour

Competition is becoming a more sought after path of training for many in the Parkour and Freerun world. The training leading to a competition is some of the most direct and focused training athletes get in our community – but with so few events this could be months apart. We at HUB are opening a series of monthly parkour and freerunning based events to give practitioners a tangible date and reason to train forward to, something to drive off days…

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PPK Opening

The Grand Opening. It is finally (nearly) upon us. After three months in soft opening mode, the Pinnacle Parkour Philadelphia Team has ironed out the kinks, and this gym is rocked and ready to roll. Prepare to meet tons of people from both near, and afar. Prepare to jump. Alot. And just be ready to have an awesome time. This event is free! The doors to the gym will open at 12:00 PM, and everyone will be able to jump…

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Beast Coast

Beast Coast is one of the oldest running parkour jams in the country! Every year we have people from all of the country with guest athletes from around the world. We turn an entire park into a Parkour playground filled with scaffolding, vault boxes and other obstacles; we run a competitions, have break out seminars, and lead small groups around town.

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