The tales of Christmas parkour stories

Not every Christmas Parkour video has a story like Santa Parkour, but they all share an important message: we have one of the greatest communities on Earth, a giant family full of love and support, and we should all be very thankful that Parkour has brought us all together. We wanted to stroll through a few Christmas parkour videos that have warmed our hearts throughout the years, starting with recent videos and ending with the one that started it all.…

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Safety in Parkour

The discipline of parkour is not intended in any way to be dangerous. Even the very definition of parkour that many of us use is the fastest, most efficient, and SAFEST way to traverse an environment.

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Self-esteem through parkour

It’s almost impossible to know how parkour affects you until it’s gone. For 4 months now, I haven’t been able to do anything involving my legs due to horrible Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS.) My doctor suggests it may be caused by overtraining of my quadriceps.

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Winter training: a guide to cold-weather parkour training

It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time of year where most traceurs go into hibernation due to the winter months. The lucky traceurs who live in California, Texas, Florida, or other relatively warm areas don’t have to worry about cold temperatures, or snow, inhibiting their training. Unfortunately, I am not one of those lucky traceurs. Here in Canada, I’ve had to deal with the cold since I’ve started training. During that time, I’ve heard a variety of…

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