Kid’s Parkour

Kid’s Parkour in Washington DC

The APK Academy offers the only classes in the District to engage children in gymnastic activity while allowing for creativity and fun to be at the forefront.

Schedule and Pricing

We offer classes on the following schedule:

Ages 6-9: M/T/W/Th at 4pm-5pm

Ages 10-13: M/T/W/Th at 5pm-6pm

Parkour classes follow a curriculum that instructs parkour skills like rolls, kong vaults, cat leaps, and precision jumps, as well as flips, spins, and tricks!

Our kids classes also incorporate Ninja Warrior, where kids hone their skills on obstacles like the quad steps, cargo net, warped wall, and balance tank, all while naturally learning the skills from parkour to master these obstacles!

Kids Parkour Membership Cost:

  • Unlimited classes – $150/month
  • Any 2 Classes/ Week- $110/ month
  • Any 1 Class/ Week- $70/ month

About the Kid’s Parkour program

For future Ninja Warriors or kids who want something a little different than what traditional team sports or martial arts have to offer, Kid’s Parkour at APK Academy is the way to go!

Parkour is based in the natural workout of the animal kingdom—play—and kids are the very best at it. The Kid’s Parkour Program provides a directed outlet for all the energy and exuberance of children.

      • Endorsed by MOTH Moms on the Hill
      • Endorsed by DC homeschool association


Through games and challenges, kids learn to control their movement and their focus, bodies and minds.  By instilling a lifelong love of movement and healthy exercise habits, kid’s parkour is an investment in a young person’s future.

Our kids classes are appropriate for most kids ages 6 to 13. Classes are taught in an environment this is Safe, Supportive, and Friendly.

Kids will learn: Parkour skills, self-discipline, joy of movement, respect for environment, problem solving, and teamwork.


Contact Us

American Parkour
(844) 472-7568
219 M St NW
Washington, DC 20001