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Training Journals / Re: MR. Wannabe's attempts at parkour
« on: September 06, 2014, 08:33:57 PM »
Just went against what i said last time decided to buy new shoes, when the shin splints were gone today, i decided to jog about 1-1.5 miles so
stretch light to warm up
jump rope to raise heart rate.
jog/walk 1-1.5 miles
jump rope
training journal- tbh i feel drained, i have so much to do and i'm overwhelmed. in terms of training it's probably the only thing i enjoy doing at all on a daily basis, heh. i'm just drained, i'll cheer up sooner or later.

Training Journals / Re: MR. Wannabe's attempts at parkour
« on: September 05, 2014, 01:49:20 AM »
Just a Little Skill day 1:
Jogging at shorter intervals, with walking, roughly .05-.10 of a mile per interval.
stretching, dynamic stretching. i.e. forward backward kicks.
dynamic stretching to work on flexibility (as i stated i have awful flexibility as i cannot do a roundoff properly, or a cart wheel)
wall runs, redirections (redirection is just redirecting my weight when i hit an object head on i use it to turn around. probably the cause of my shin splints. will revise the thought (watch for impact/shin splints)) *Don't jog tommorow*
wall runs into speed vaults. (low height/very low height)
both skills = novice/amateur
vertical wall run form.
skill level novice
precison jumps, at 20% intensity, to work on form and cooldown. ( pretty much can do this and hit targets up to 5 feet away easily.)
skill level amateur/moderate
weight, 174-178 lbs. alternating daily,(increase in activity, i have trouble stomaching that much water i believe it's a water/sodium byproduct/buildup causing excess weight gain.) lean body mass estimated at 145+
no sports training present
Training journal: I feel like i am making honest progress, (in terms of goals, i set my sights very very very high) (too high) though it seems when i put on paper what i want to do it always comes out rather scrambled. (scrambled in the sense i could actually organize it on a different day and get better results doing it) I try to stick to like groups in terms of learning skills, (typically legs motions with leg motions, breaking down forms into static exercises to carry through in slow mo at first/progressive learning as i learned from a trip to the hospital by a physician who  said it helps with muscle memory)  but since i'm fairly new to parkour i imagine that there is a lot of learning  that i need to do, and the shin splints isn't from running form as much as it is just my landings,(as in i land toes down, and maybe don't stick my landing the best, so i can work on landings more, and revise form. and see if it causes a change in shin splint damage) i don't know much about the physical aspects of just starting in parkour, and possible increase in bone density due to small fractures. but it sounds plausible that it is natural, i may account for one day of rest, pure rest with nothing but yoga and light stretching. (maybe the 7th days can be somewhat of a prehab/rehab day) (currently sitting on a brachial plexus injury that i went through PT for) no physical damage, but mild nerve "irritation" such as inflamed) Though i find this to be counter productive, as i just skill train the parts of my body that are not sore, while accounting for rest and testing for muscle damage severity using ketone(test for muscle content in the urine)(a pee stick) test strips, on a bi daily basis, or however often i feel necessary especially when starting into a new kind of workout routine.(new workout routines are becoming increasingly intense as my body is getting more and more in shape) So far i average at 0,(over a course of 1 1/2 weeks finding what worked.) after toning down my workouts from a large amount, 3 w/o's and 7(wmup/skill/str/end/cd  are done in the format in overcoming gravity A very very interesting book, if interested in reading about methods of training, i highly recommend it. from a personal standpoint it helped "helps" me a lot.) skill days, to about 3 w/o's and 5-6 (probably a more reasonable workout schedule to avoid overuse injury) skill days per week. mostly all i've done is a lot of boring running,(i'm very very very fast as well but i'm bad for distance, averaging a mile or two before i have to stop) (sprint speed peaks at 22 mph or so) (but averages 18 i trained more for speed and burst strength which accounts for my body weight.) but parkour looks really fun. So i want to learn it as quickly as possible.(i.e. i look to be at least out of the novice/amateur stages for the most part in about 3/6 months) (though i think it will take me more along the lines of 6/9)  i'm familiar with health concepts, and the common injuries, and mostly i stick to form(like low to moderate intesnity precisions with good form till i tire out and have to stretch and go home) drills and no strength workouts,(b/c 3 times a week for strength is fine.)so i don't overwork myself, but then again i'm probably typing to convince myself more than anyone else, (probably) don't mean to ramble. (just taking notes on what i'm saying after i say it. long-winded journal entry, i apologize for that but it is the first journal i've typed for you all, so Hi my name is Stephen A.K.A "MR. Wannabe" i'm pleased to meet all of you. i'm new to the site, please don't hurt me! :P

Training Journals / MR. Wannabe's attempts at parkour
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:58:44 PM »
I guess i'll have to write papers and things on my workouts and training schedules, but typically i skill train 7 days a week and only workout 3. as a brief reference, Go to the gym at my college, having never been inside one this is what i did.

.5 mile jog
2 sets dips. x 8
1 set toes to bar x 8
2 sets of some oblique exercise a guy taught me one time with free weights @ 40 lbs, 2 sets 8 lbs.
pushups 1 set x 20
bear crawl till tired.
walk/jog to cooldown

After Class:
Later in the day, had time to kill
stretch light
.25 mile jog to warmup
kong progresson width picnic table, focusing form on entry to get rid of the staggering in my steps.
precision jumps on sand. (note to self, not the best place for form or technique but the reduced impact make it good for distance jumps)
(focusing on the skills i had acquired that were easier on me to do and i could already do decently then....)
jumping around like a raving lunatic trying to do a roundoff because i had time to kill. but i can't do it because i lack back flexibility =*(. anyways. that's what i did i'll probably be posting a lot.

Welcome! / Re: Welcome Thread - New Members please announce here!
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:44:22 PM »
Hello, name is Stephen, i'm from the shenendoah Valley in VA. There isn't anything to really train with, but i make due. i found a lot of useful information on the website and i thought i would register, as well as introduce myself.

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