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Indiana / Crossing the Border -- An Ambassador Joins Your Ranks
« on: July 01, 2011, 09:31:50 AM »
Well, crazy as things happen what with me and my being a nomad.  My permanent address is temporarily in Huntertown IN, about ten miles from the fringes of Ft. Wayne.  Apart from being farther north than any sane person should be, it looks like I may be able to assist in some fun Indiana organizations.  And by may I mean should, as it is kinda my job, and I wouldn't want to be derelict in my duties.

So nyaa~, here comes a kitty/milk loving amby.

Diet / Of Milk, Fish Oil, and Inflammation
« on: March 09, 2011, 09:28:53 PM »
Those that know me know I love milk.  A lot.  Like a lot a lot.  They should also know that I am allergic to milk.  Also a lot.

Consumption of any milk product (and any type of milk) caused inflammation in my body in the form of acne, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.  So I avoided milk to deal with it.  Strangely I began to notice other effects on by body by other foods.  High GI grains, for example, caused canker sores and slight acne.  And despite how well I ate, I would still have at least the slightest bit of acne.  I had been taking fish oil regularly, but then I started something strange (Why, I just don't know).  I started taking ludicrous amounts of fish oil, at 1.2 g per pill, I was taking an upwards of 20 g of fish oil supplements per day.  A strange thing happened.  My acne cleared completely up, my inflammation from milk products became negligible at worst, and several other types of inflammation went away (this one was expected).

Is it that the fish oil is counter-acting the inflammation caused by milk?  Or is it doing something else.

And, where can I get massive amounts of fish oil for a really cheap price (buying in bulk ^^).  Or consequently DHA/EPA supplements.  I hate having to take like 5-6 pills at a time for 3-4 times per day  to enjoy my favorite delicious, nutritious, and extremely cheap food.  It is easy to go through a 120 bottle supplement in 6 days, which means that whatever money I'm saving in milk, I'm losing in more in fish oil.

It would be nice if I could just get a kg of DHA/EPA for every month.  That would be reaaaaaal nice.  Or I could just start a fish farm.  I am sure OSU wouldn't mind me digging up the ground, and then subsequently building a robotic fish oil production center next to it...  It is my undergraduate research project >_>

Lexicon / APK Ambassador
« on: February 07, 2011, 09:57:36 AM »
An APK Ambassador is a distinguished member of the community chosen by the administration to provide help and support on the forum.  Their work and contributions are largely social, and often engage in a large number conversations, usually to assist new members in finding their way around the forum.  While any forum member can apply to be an ambassador, the process is selective and only the brightest and best are chosen to represent APK.


Ambassadors' work can be described as purely social in nature.  A great deal of the work done is direct engagement with new members and the creation personalized welcome posts.  Only a small percentage of work done is accounted for in the creation of new content.

Ambassadors do not possess any administration or moderation powers, but are typically well in touch with the staff who do.  So while being unable to exercise authority, problems that arise to their attention will usually be dealt with quickly.


Applications are accepted indefinitely, though new ambassadors will only be chosen in three month rotations.  The process is selective, and involves collaboration from the moderation and administration staff.

Parkour And Freerunning / What is parkour?
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:13:51 PM »
Seriously, what do you think parkour is, and why?

Welcome! / Local Forum Compendium
« on: February 04, 2011, 11:15:07 AM »
Don't like training alone?  Use our local forums to connect with other traceurs in your area.



Traveling or living abroad?  Click here.
Or click here for international forums.


Parkour clubs and organizations can be found in their respective state forums, or they could be found here.

Socialize / How to Avoid the Flu
« on: January 04, 2011, 01:17:06 AM »
Flu season is upon us and in full swing.  So how do you prevent yourself from getting sick?

Get a flu vaccination.  It may seem obvious, but too many people are shirking it because they don't believe it works, often touting, "I got a flu shot and then I still got sick!"  The problem is that a flu vaccination needs to come before the flu is a complete pandemic, so they're taken from the influenza strains that are thought to be the next pandemic (often a flu vaccine will contain multiple strains).  It is possible that the influenza strain that spread was not vaccinated for and isn't stopped by your antibodies (though the medical researchers would quickly adjust the vaccinations, so this really isn't too big of a concern).  In a large majority of cases it isn't that the vaccine doesn't work, it is that people mistake other viral infections for the flu.  Most notably rhinovirus, commonly known as the common cold.

Take vitamin D (and make sure you've got proper nutrition!).  Research shows that vitamin D deficiency is linked to a greater chance of contracting the flu or a cold.  Most Americans are deficient in vitamin D.  Don't be one of them!  Folks, 400 IU doesn't cut it, and you should really be getting much more than that.  If you're interested (and you damn well should be) then go ahead and click here for more information.

Exercise.  I realize I'm speaking to a forum of traceurs, but in all seriousness...  Get exercise.  Just moderate exercise, none of that strenuous stuff is needed (which actually inhibits immune system function).  So even if you're really busy and can't get a work out session in try to go do a light run for thirty minutes or something -anything- to keep you healthy.

Relax.  Don't let yourself get stressed out.  Stress can inhibit immune system function and then put you at risk for infection.   Get some bubbles.  Get a bath.  Combine the two and sit back and drink a nice cup of your favorite drink and forget about it all.  Go get a massage...  Whatever really helps you permanently reduce stress, do it.

Sleep.  Sorry, no more playing CoD until the wee hours of the morning and then getting up at 7:30 to go to your classes.  Get a full night of sleep.  For teenagers this is usually 9-10 hours, and for adults 7-8 hours, but it is hard to pin down for individuals.  Being more active will mean you'll need more sleep, and if you don't get enough sleep one night you will accumulate a "sleep debt" that you'll be forced to repay at some point.  So don't be shocked if you sleep 8 hours one night, go do some tough training, and turn in at 7 PM only to sleep for a full 12 hours.  Your body will adjust its sleep schedule based on its needs.  Oversleeping typically does not occur, do not let other people fool you into thinking it can happen normally.

If you're having trouble falling asleep forgo the sleeping pills and take up melatonin.  Melatonin has no known toxicity and is your body's natural sleeping hormone.  It should put you right to sleep no problem.  If you still have trouble sleeping, you may want to consult a physician (or make some lifestyle changes).


That's great Dan, but I got sick.  What now? 

Luckily we live in the 21st century and no longer have to rely on the works of Galen for medicine.  We know things about the body.  And it turns out all of those medications you see in the store have a good purpose =).

Take vitamin D.  For the reasons above...  Take vitamin D.

Listen to your body.  If you're tired then sleep.  If you're hungry then eat.  If you're not hungry then DON'T eat.  Don't force yourself to do anything, because your body is a battleground between itself and microscopic foreign invaders trying to destroy you.  The last thing you need is some other force pushing on your all ready taxed system.

Stay home.  I really really hate these silly perfect attendance awards schools give out.  If you're sick you shouldn't be going to school, you should be staying at home resting and taking care of yourself.  I realize for college students this is ludicrously more difficult since missing classes can be a huge problem, but do so as much as you can.  You don't need to spread your infection around.

See a physician.  Doctors are good!  If you catch the flu early enough they can perscribe tamiflu or another antiviral medication that can get you better faster.  Not to mention the fact that you don't know what you have.  Is it the cold, the flu, or strep throat?  Each of those common illnesses have different treatments.

Take cold and flu medication. These can reduce your symptoms and make them much more manageable (thank you, modern medicine).  Don't be afraid to use them because they're not "natural".  As long as you don't use them regularly and use them as directed you'll be fine.  Acetaminophen (advil, dayquil), ibuprofen (tylenol), and aspirin are all over the counter medications you can get to relieve your symptoms.  Personally I recommend Dayquil (or Nyquil if you need to sleep), because it contains more than just acetaminophen, such as phenylephrine and dextromethorphan that can ease all of your symptoms (and not have you try to mix and match cough, inflammatory/analgesic, and nasal congestion medications...  Something that can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing).

When do I really need medical help?

- fever is 103 or above
- severe headache
- delirium
- inability to keep liquids down
- difficulty breathing
- you are pregnant, asthmatic, immune suppressed, or under 5 years of age and have flu symptoms

If you have any of these symptoms seek medical help immediately (Read: DO NOT WAIT).


I wish you all a happy (and healthy) year.  =)

Socialize / I Quit
« on: September 18, 2010, 07:51:28 AM »
Or more specifically, I am taking a break from APK, I'll be in an engineering degree at college sooooooo don't need any distractions.  I will be leaving Monday, so that's when my hiatus begins.  If you need to contact me you can do so via my email, or through Kendall Smith.  Thanks!  Wish you well for the 30 weeks I'm gone.

Much <3, especially mia tresora tesora.

Suggestions - What can we do better???!!! / Get rid of Signatures
« on: August 20, 2010, 04:16:21 AM »
Sounds crazy right?  Well...  Not quite.  Getting rid of signature pictures can free up server memory.  Oh and to compensate increase avatar sizes to say 168x256.  Still allows for individuality, offers a much more clean view of the site, saves on memory, and makes makes working in the limited avatar space much easier.

Socialize / Redesigning Spells
« on: July 31, 2010, 02:49:50 PM »
Yay magic and mayhem.  Now as I view some fictional magic systems consisting of just predetermined spells with effects.  Sorry, DO NOT LIKE.  But increasingly magic as shied away from this and become more...  Logical.  In fictional works such as Eragon magic is a more of an art as a language.

However, a new more radical approach to magic is taking shape.  Far away from the classic and elaborate spells of the past arises something based firmly in science and reason.  Magic is just the manipulation of it through somatic components or gestures.  Full Metal Alchemist is a great example of such a system.

Let's put my system in place shall we.

Spells are made of mathematical-like components that are variable.  These components can be divided into four areas of study, or schools:

Biology - the study of life
Chemistry - study of chemicals and their make-up
Physics - study of movement, force, and energy
Psychology - study of the mind

These schools are broken down into branches, under which modifiers or variables are classified:

Botany - plant manipulation
Regeneration - manipulation of living tissue; healing
Necromancy - manipulation of the forces of life/death
Pathology/Toxicology - diseases and poisons


Alchemy - alteration of substances
Stoichiometry - physical manipulation and identification of substances


Forces - gravity, electromagnetism, forcefields, etc.
Kinetics - movement, telekinesis
Space-time - manipulation of time and space, dimension travel


Conscience - a person's active thoughts and control over his or herself
Clairvoyance - supernatural sight; divination
Sub-conscience - feelings, primal desires


The basics of the system would be this.  Let's say you want to make something ignite into flames.  All you have to do is use Temp+ (Alchemy modifier) to heat it to the point of combustion.  It could be counter-spelled by then using Temp- to antagonize the spell.

Creative right?  It is really limited by imagination.  I'll post more up soon.

  • -=-[ CHEMISTRY ]-=-

What are things made of, and how do they interact?  This is what chemistry concerns itself with.  In the sense of magic how can you manipulate things to form new things, or perhaps even change them.  The school of chemistry is split into two branches, alchemy and stoichiometry.  Alchemy concerns itself with the actual reactions and properties of substances, while stoichiometry is about the identification and physical manipulation of substances.

-| Alchemy Modifiers |-

Temp+: increase the temperature of a target
Temp-: decrease the temperature of a target
Transmute: Rearrange the atoms of compounds to form entirely new compounds

-| Stoichiometry Modifiers |-

Identify Material: gives the spell the ability to detect the material components of a target

Socialize / Enflame: poems for the warrior spirit
« on: July 15, 2010, 09:59:29 PM »
Yeah yeah, I'm a poet lalalala.  Used to be romanticist, and I dabbled a bit into gothic.  But now I write contemporary free verse.  One of the things I noticed was that a lot of my poems had a fiery zeal to them, hopefully you guys can find my inspiration in them.  Some might be weird at times, but hey, I write intuitively.  It isn't a poem if its substance isn't an emotion.

Conviction of will ignites the soul,
raging flames entwine it whole,
a fury of passion takes the role.

Smash the ground with the scream,
shattered pieces fly with murderous gleam,
an outward manifest of the scheme.

Feel the fire burn and flare,
frenzied furnace red-eyed glare,
billow forth the scorching air.

Feel the roar,
fear the cry,
dread the stare.

Who dares challenge,
a conviction strong?


Raging flames devour this soul,
blazing inferno consuming.

Burning feeling about this body,
licking fire destroying.

Monstrous fury and uncontrollable frenzy,
loosing all in swift thought.

Controlling locks melting,
sway over self fading,
all that remains is dark passion.

Feeling the heat yet?
Turn it up; this is not over.

Bring forth this holocaust,
call forward the apocalypse,
the black will persisting.


Leave not but ashes.


Listen, hear, remember,
This pain is coming near.

Take your sword and face the sand,
Unsheathe your blade for this land.

White willows weeping,
Silent tears seeping.

Pouring sap from leafy boughs,
The blood of the fallen runs thick in vows.

Why do you fight,
And why ignite,
When life lies on deaths door?

Facing courage flowing spirit against
The perilous night within
Souls taken dreams power.

Some may never taste
Victory of this waste,
And some may never witness,
The nightmare’s secret fitness.

Live life and fight for it aglow,
Draining death of its power so,
Enflame beyond humanity’s plateau.


TL;DR: Shakespeare was a pussy.

Training Journals / Becoming a Super Saiyan (comments welcome)
« on: July 07, 2010, 12:23:23 PM »
So I'm not new to work-out routines, but I'm getting serious enough to post one of these thingamajigs so I can keep track of my progress.

ULTIMATE GOAL: Achieve superhuman status in the area of bodyweight fitness.  I consider superhuman to be around Elite Bar-Barian level of strength.  Also to develop other superhuman abilities in balance and agility.



Current goals / current standing:

10s planche / 20s tuck planche
-> 5 planche push-ups / N/A
10s back lever / one-leg variation, 20s
10s front lever / one-leg variation, 20s
1 min L-sit CLEAN / 30s L-sit clean
10s manna / N/A
10s V-sit / N/A
sub 18 min 5k - on hold due to tendinitis / 18:47 best 5k
walk on rails with general ease / I have much difficulty
quadrupedie 100m easily / 50m quadrupedie is strenuous
flag / can get into bent legs flag position
5 close one arm push-ups (on each) / 1 on each side

6% bodyfat / 9-10% bodyfat


My current work-out includes 3 pulling and 3 pushing strength exercises, as well as L-sit.

Pushing: dips, OAPU (chest touch), planche
Pulling: OACU (pseudo), back lever, front lever

I am currently exploring other core workouts to make the ones I know (besides L-sit) harder.  Also going to develop a HIIT work-out that will not stress my patellar tendons AT ALL.

Actual work-out done will be updated later.


Yeah, well today did not go well at all.  For one it was really bloody hot so the parallel bars were like a billion degrees.  But enough excuses.

I couldn't perform any exercise well, I had to quit doing dips at 8, only squeezed out 5 pull-ups, and couldn't even get into the tucked positions for the levers.  All in all, I just called it quits after trying to do all of my exercises.  When something is this far off I know to take it easy before I end up just hurting myself.  The fact is that I just couldn't do it, my arms would give out when I tried anything.  It's not surprising, I spent 3 days straight of lifting and carrying heavy things, so I guess my body just wants a bit of rest.

Tomorrow I'm not letting it slack off though.

I sit down at my desk like any other student would.  Exam time is upon us all and the class is buzzing with whatever quips and gripes they can before the inevitable test is put on their desk.  Most of us are tired, either from partying late or cramming in as much information as possible.  Then there is me, perhaps training the day before was not the wisest idea.

The test finds its way to my desk, it has that freshly-printed aroma and warm feel to it.  Yep, even the teacher had procrastinated.  Throughout the classroom I can hear groans as my fellow students discover the test's length: twenty pages of grueling questions.  I chuckle; finally, an obstacle worth tackling.


Perhaps many of you have had a similar experience.  I find the more and more I engross myself into parkour the more and more mind adapts along with my body; becoming stronger and faster.  It's something many traceurs can atest to, how their training allows them to conquer mental obstacles and be used practically in any real life situation.  Though what exactly do we glean from this?  I have my own thoughts on the matter...

Control.  It is subtle, but I notice we use control.  It is written all over our philosophy and moves. We wish to be the ones in control, not be contained by the concrete jungle around us.

Liberty.  We all wish to fly and be free.  It is the sense of elation we experience as we fly through the air and through obstacles effortlessly.  A sense that we refuse to play by the rules of restriction.  We're freedom fighters, in a sense.  We fight physical restriction.

Strength.  Every seasoned traceur knows the saying, “to be and to last”.  It is quite obvious that to overcome obstacles as we do it requires a high level of strength and fitness, which in turn leads to a strong mental confidence.

Determination.  Try again, and again until we get the thing right.  To us, there's no obstacle that cannot be overcome so long as we don't stop trying and training.  I couldn't do the kong vault on the first try, or the second, or fiftieth.  But I kept persevering, and eventually reached it.  Tenacity is one of our most valued mental attributes.

Confidence.  No doubt in this.  Every time we do something successfully instill confidence of what we can do within us.  Every move drilled correctly reinforces it.  Not only that, we deal with bails all of the time.  We know what is like to fail, and more importantly, I honestly don't think we're afraid to fail.

Those are my thoughts about it.  Of course there are most likely others.  While we all follow our own paths we all share similar values such as these.  Perhaps this is why we have such tight bonds; a mutual understanding.

So next time challenge comes your way, chuckle.  We're traceurs, how can one defeat those who train to overcome obstacles and challenge?

Diet / Losing Fat Without Sacrificing Gains
« on: March 12, 2010, 09:12:47 PM »
Okay, well here I am, a endurance-athlete turned sprinter trying to maximize my benefits.

I know there is a diet that will allow me to burn off calories without sacrificing performance or gains.  My question exactly is what is it?  I know I'll be needing to have a large protein intake.  But the offset would be to have a restriction in carbohydrates + fats.  I know enough that I have to create a deficit.  But which to limit out more?  carbs or fats.  I feel I have leniency towards using fats better than carbs, so I'm thinking about larger constrictions on carbs than fats.

The only problem with this is that my budget is very limited.  Should I get protein supplements and pump it up while consuming as many meats as I can?  Of course I'll have to completely cut off grains and potatoes.  Difficult, but worth it when I shed off my extra pound or two of fat and replace it with much needed muscle improve my sprinting abilities (after all, speed = mass to force ratio).

My plan right now is:

- Lots of veggies.  Especially low calorie ones like celery, lettuce (have to cut back on dressings :/), other delicious things.
- Some fruits (gotta get the good carbs).
- Lots of meats and fish.
- Dairy products & eggs of course.
- When meat isn't present substitute the lack with protein supplement + nuts?


Diet / Question About Grains
« on: June 08, 2009, 09:15:52 AM »
I know grains such as wheat or rice aren't too great, but I have a question about other grains.

How good are grains such as amaranth and oats?  And how often should I eat them?

Parkour And Freerunning / Core Values of Parkour
« on: June 08, 2009, 08:21:00 AM »
What are the core values of parkour?  I have asked myself this very question.  But, as the nature of questions are, one question leads to another.  How does one define what a core value of parkour is?

I believe I have an answer.

If one looks at the fundamental approach to everything we do, one can see philosophies that are directly related to our training.  Everything we do comes down to conquering obstacles.  What we glean from our physical training are the core values of parkour.  These are, as I have discovered so far:

Understanding: We must understand obstacles before we conquer them.  We must identify the surface, angle, and all aspects of the obstacle.  If we do not, then we will not know which move would be the most efficient way to overcome it.

Confidence: We have to be self-confident in our own abilities.  If one does not think he or she can accomplish something, then he or she will never try, and the obstacle will remain unconquered.

Control: The ability to be in control is necessary in any parkour situation.  Precisions, for example, rely on an extremely acute sense of awareness and body orientation.

Patience: We do not instantly learn new tasks, or instantly become stronger.  It is a slow progression and we must learn to wait for our skills to grow.

Perseverance: This works in harmony with patience.  We must be patient, but also persevere.  The progression is slow, but we will reach the goal.

Focus: A necessary part of parkour.  This decreases the risk of injury and takes one's abilities to another level.

Strength:  The ability to complete the tasks necessary to overcome the obstacle.

Diet / No Cravings
« on: June 06, 2009, 06:12:29 AM »
This is really strange to me.  I've been a vegetarian (with the exception of fish) for about two months now.  I noticed something about one month in - I no longer wanted meat, at all.  A steak no longer looks appetizing.  If someone were to put a 20 oz. steak in front of me when I am absolutely ravenous, I would have no desire to eat it.  Right now, when I have decided to add lean meats back into my diet (since there is nothing wrong with them) I have no desire to go and eat them.  Could it be that my body is rewired to not crave meat, but other foods instead?  I have noticed that I do not feel tired throughout the day like I used to when I did eat meat.  Perhaps my body just isn't cut out for it.

I have also removed all grains from my diet (of course there are healthy grains such as oats).  I've been doing it for about a month with a pretzel here and there until this passed week (when I haven't made any exceptions).  And now, like meat, I am beginning to have no desire to eat grains at all.  Bread is no longer appetizing. 

I do know a lot is based on the individual.  But now that I think about it I feel great.  I have so much energy now and even my eyesight is slowly improving.  Yet I am still aware of other ways to make myself even healthier.  I do give myself cod liver oil when I remember, and apple cider vinegar.  I want to thank you guys for all of the knowledge I've learned from you and will learn in the future.

In the Media / Freerunning on Popular Science
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:33:13 PM »
So Popular Science did a physics breakdown of the physics behind parkour and featured a video of Levi.  I recommend everyone read this, it offers some insight about how much force is really behind that drop.

Parkour And Freerunning / Mind Over Body - Mental Fitness
« on: February 28, 2009, 01:02:43 PM »
   Traceurs have been told they're as strong as any gymnast, performing feats even top athletes wouldn't dare attempt.  We are obsessed with perfection of form and body.  We're always the first ones to want another rep, pushing our bodies to the absolute limit and beyond.  But is this all we should be training?
   Strong body, strong mind, strong spirit.  That is my creed if you will.  We certainly have the strong body and strong spirit part down pat, but what about the mind?  The mind seems to be neglected by many traceurs.  Our brains are incredible.  They're billions times faster than the fastest computer and possibly the most complex thing humans have ever seen.  Many of us have already developed the “parkour vision.”  This vision is our mind adapting to what we do and automatically adjusting to view things in plain view we never saw before.  As we become better traceurs our vision will continue to improve.  This analytical thinking is amazing.  Yet in the world of parkour there isn't always much time to think from one obstacle to another.  And one has to consider the following:
1.Is that an object I am able to overcome?
2.What type of move should I use to overcome it?
3.Is the object safe enough for me to overcome it with this particular move?

We make this decision in less than a second most of the time.  Yet, all I speak about is relevant to what we gain naturally as we train.
   How do we train our minds for training's sake?  A recent study has discovered the obvious – our brains will become more complex the more we use them.  So in a sense the mind is just like any other muscle in the body, one uses it and it will become stronger.  There are several different ways to improve our mental ability.  These don't include studying.  Gaining knowledge is not improving our ability to think, it is only expanding what we know.
   The best way to go about this is to challenge yourself with complex problems that require a great deal of thought.  Most people would shun this and label it being “nerdy” or whatever they call it.  They can go sit their asses down in front of a TV and waste away if they think that, and they probably will too.  If you don't challenge your mind, your mind will never develop.  Computer games such as Myst are known to help develop the mind.  Another thing I would like to mention is lumosity.  Although it requires a monthly fee, it is a great way to sharpen your brain by challenging it with difficult, yet addicting tasks.  For a taste of what they offer, click here.  Simply contemplating things will help develop your mind.
   But after all of this how do you know if you've had a good workout?  We've all felt the feeling before (I hope).  Total mental tiredness.   Your body might be good to go, but you can feel your mind drained and unwilling to do even the simplest of calculations.  We have all fell asleep with smiles on our faces knowing our bodies just took a punishment, and can't wait to do it again.  It would be best if we could go to bed every night with our minds and bodies totally exhausted.  The mind and body are connected, a strong body helps a strong mind, and a strong mind helps a strong body.
This is the way of the traceur, to not only be capable physically, but mentally as well.

Consumer Whores / Adidas Super Undergarments
« on: February 21, 2009, 05:40:26 AM »

Anyone think these would be good in parkour?  Not only would it help absorb the impact from drops, but it would transfer that energy into something useful.

Socialize / Career Options
« on: January 21, 2009, 01:44:50 PM »
I realize I'm talkin' to a bunch o' traceurs here, but here goes.

So I'm in limbo about what to go into for my career (I'm a junior in HS).  I can do practically anything I want.  I had been looking at engineering, but when I actually saw what they did I thought, "boring..."  I want an exciting job, preferably one that includes working with the hands.  I have been considering becoming a physician.  It pays well and I get to work with and help people (that's the best part), but the job requires me to throw all of myself into it and I'll probably end up working 60 hours a week on average.  The other option I've been considering is becoming a parkour instructor (who doesn't?), but I'm serious.  I'm willing to totally dedicate my life to training and mastering.  And eventually get certified by the ADAPT certification.  This second option is much more risky, but would offer so much more for me if I succeeded.  I would get to work with people and do parkour.  I'd never have to work a day in my life.

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