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I just wanted to have a post where we could set up day to day light training jams around town. My goal in doing so is to get a light workout via Parkour/ Free Running and gather wherever was most convenient for the majority of that day.

So here's the deal: Everyday someone (if not myself) will make a post. Your deadline is 4pm. This post shall include a subject title with the day/date, a proposed location, an explanation of the terrain, and a thorough description of where to meet. You can set your own meeting times, but I would suggest 6pm or later for those of us who work M-F 9-6.

Goals: To have a small group of individuals consistently training together for fun, and if the group decides they want to workout, we can do so on-site and put together an agreeable and intermediate workout regiment using body weight and our environment. Both Free Runners and Purist Traceurs are welcome to join us; I do both depending on the crowd and day and will be willing to teach introductory tricks to those willing to push themselves.

As always, message me for my phone number for more immediate responses: nik.the at gmail dot com.


Mid-Atlantic / DC -- Just moved here; LF Training partners
« on: September 08, 2008, 11:30:11 AM »
I'm from Utah where we have very little outside of the Uni there to train, and from what I've seen, this place is drastically different and far superior to what I'm used to. I'm looking for people that know this area and its hotspots to train with me and hopefully a gym as well.

I'm moderate to advanced with over a year experience with performances included. I'm looking for similar kids around my age (23) that know this area well. I live by Van Ness-UDC metro.. shoot me a PM or email @ if you are interested.


District of Columbia / Saturday/Sunday -- Sept 6/7
« on: September 02, 2008, 06:45:25 AM »
So I'm new to DC and looking for a few good men to train with. I don't know any hotspots, but from the looks of the city, everything is a hot spot. I'm from SLC, UT and am down to do anything from PK to Free running. I'm also looking for a good open gym that I can train in so I can develop my tricking. If you know anyone else that may be able to help me find what I'm looking for, please message me.

I'll be trying to find people to train with daily anytime after 6pm and will be in the city until mid-December. HIt me up.



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