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Socialize / Finally watched Ong Bak last night.
« on: March 10, 2006, 12:45:24 PM »
 :o :o :o

*Goes outside to light pants on fire and do a hypertwist* :P

Anyone else watch this? If you haven't, RENT IT NOW! The chase scene is one of the best I've ever seen, the man's got serious ups, and "fluidity" doesn't quite say how smooth all of it was. Friggen sick!

Anyone have any idea if the martial art is real or not? I have to watch it again to get the name of it, but I was curious if it was an actual form of martial art. It's very unique to any of the persay "mainstream" stuff you see, especially his movements and attacks.

Socialize / Black Friday
« on: November 25, 2005, 03:55:29 PM »
Ok, I want to here everyone elses crazy shopping experiences for our wonderful black friday.


Well for those of you who don't know, I'm a Circuit City Associate now. :P So I got to see the madness from an employee point of view.

I had to be in work at 4am today, which means that I would have to wake up at around 2:30 to get ready, and being last night was Thanksgiving... I got a full hour of sleep. I "woke up" at around 3, got dressed, skipped breakfast and walked out to my car to go to work. For those of you who don't live near me... the temperature at this time (3:15am) was about 13 degrees F. I walked out wearing a light spring jacket, jumped in my car, started it up, and began driving to work. Much to my dismay, my brand new shift knob was the same temperature. It must have looked really funny from an outsiders point of view (if there was any) as my car sped quickly to a high rpm (go civic go) and suddenly jolted into another gear. Imagine putting your hand onto dry ice... now imagine trying to move that dry ice into the correct position as to not ruin your transmission... yeah, not a pleasent feeling! My car finally warmed up, I cranked up the heat and made the 30 minute trip to work.

I pull into the Circuit City parking lot. There's a "Batman" spotlight going around in circles, a DJ playing music, people passing out hot chocolate to the customers lined up at the gates, and overall a hectic atmosphere with all of my coworkers as we tried to get everything semi ready for the opening of the doors. Before I know it it's 5am, and the doors come open. Now, it's one thing to be a waiting customer who suddenly had the doors open before them and the shopping begins. Well... not for me, it was like sitting in the Colloseum as gates opened letting all sorts of nasty ferocious beasts out... all of which seem to come tearing straight for you. Next thing I know 20 people want the same thing, all tapping and poking at me, one person going as far as to tug at my hair. It was like this for about 3 hours. Everything calmed down by about 10 oclock and we were back to our normal traffic. I closed out my shift with a few sales and went home only to crash on the couch soon after.

Crazy what people will do to save money. It was kind of ironic though, save $500 on presents, pay $1000 in car damage from 50 people hitting your car with shopping carts, doors, bags, and their wonderful driving. :P

Socialize / Why I love EZboard...
« on: November 15, 2005, 05:28:57 PM »

 :D - Looks like a 2 year old... or an 80 year old without teeth
 ;D - WHAT IS THAT!!! Think he flosses them choppers?
 >:( - Hey, I want a "V" in my head too...?!
 :o - This one looks like M2 stuck his finger into an outlet. See the baldness?
 ??? - I don't know, do you know?
 ::) - Haha, I have a feeling that I'll be using this one often
 :-X - This lady and gents is why you don't suck on rifles
 :-* - Well that's no fun... you have to use the tongue a little bit!

 :P (That is by far the f'ing lamest smiley ever)

PA Jams / Jams, Jams, and more Jams
« on: November 15, 2005, 02:59:19 PM »
Well let me start off by saying welcome to and more specifically to the PA Jams board.

Let me lay down some quick ground rules to this place before it kicks off completely. These rules apply to both the FORUMS and the JAMS

1. Attitude free environment. No teasing, putting down, fighting, harrasment, etc. If you want to do this, I will have none of it, and neither will the rest of this community. If a person continuously causes issues in this scene, he/she will no longer be welcome.

That's my only rule. I really hope to see big things coming from PA in the near future. I will be doing everything that I can to push matters ahead for us, but keep in mind that I'm a working teen and I definitely cannot do it all. If everyone makes a little bit of effort, we will prosper dramatically!

Hence the title of this post. JAMS JAMS JAMS! That's the biggest way to meet new people, learn new things, and create a well bonded community. So, if you have some time off and feel like jumping around, get some friends together, invite a new kid down the street for a run or session, or heck, go out and introduce a few people to the art. Just remember, be friendly, be helpful, and have fun!

Thanks guys. :)

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