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Training Journals / MR. Wannabe's attempts at parkour
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:58:44 PM »
I guess i'll have to write papers and things on my workouts and training schedules, but typically i skill train 7 days a week and only workout 3. as a brief reference, Go to the gym at my college, having never been inside one this is what i did.

.5 mile jog
2 sets dips. x 8
1 set toes to bar x 8
2 sets of some oblique exercise a guy taught me one time with free weights @ 40 lbs, 2 sets 8 lbs.
pushups 1 set x 20
bear crawl till tired.
walk/jog to cooldown

After Class:
Later in the day, had time to kill
stretch light
.25 mile jog to warmup
kong progresson width picnic table, focusing form on entry to get rid of the staggering in my steps.
precision jumps on sand. (note to self, not the best place for form or technique but the reduced impact make it good for distance jumps)
(focusing on the skills i had acquired that were easier on me to do and i could already do decently then....)
jumping around like a raving lunatic trying to do a roundoff because i had time to kill. but i can't do it because i lack back flexibility =*(. anyways. that's what i did i'll probably be posting a lot.

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