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Pics & Vids / Re: Post ALL Parkour movies & DVDs here!
« on: April 13, 2006, 02:17:14 PM »
great idea! i think we should sticky this?

and PSSH to all laws!! we're suppose to be america land of the FREE so everything should be absolutly FREE  :P :P ;) ::)

Mid-Atlantic / Re: help the n00bs
« on: April 11, 2006, 11:03:49 PM »
well a park is a great place (unless you happen to have only crap parks near your house) you could work on pricisions on fallen rocks, or on lines on a sidewalk. you can vault a bench or couches in your house. wall runs where ever you find a wall :-p. and you can work on rolls in your own home ;D. it'd be good to first try kongs over your bed or something soft....if there is a loading dock behind any local stores, thats often times a good place for vaults.... and if you have a basketball then try balancing on that for as long as you can to help you with balance and stuff....aight well good luck!!! and welcome :D! it'd also be a good idea to come to jams so the more expierenced guys can help you along!

i'm not commin dad has been using my car cuz it uses less gas so i won't have my car yeah i'm out...

and we can jam saturday morning like at 10am but where is the question....

i'm definatly not sure if i can make it out there... what time is it gona be?

tuesday --- a long ass run to some cool pk spot in to join me if you wish

wensday --- same thing as tuesday (unless anyone is up for a DC run :D)

thursday --- same thing as tuesday

friday --- 30 mile bike ride

saturday --- GMU anyone? regular jam not hardcore work out :P

sunday --- rest from all this pk

monday -- back to school :(

post up so i can change my plans and pk with you guys!!!!! where do you all wana go so i can join ya'll?

report card time already?? haha i'm gona be screwed in 2 weeks (my report card time)  :P and don't worry bout it...this time i'm prolly goin on my own unless someone wants to jam this weekend. then we'll find a different place...

okay so anyway, i'll be available everyday this week (starting monday) so we should all go jammin all day everyday :D

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Making Time For Parkour
« on: April 04, 2006, 05:19:38 PM »
what i do is wake up early for training on saturdays and make a point to train every sat.

ahhh!!! thats soo far!! okay so what are we gona do this saturday? any suggestions???

if no one posts up i'm just goin up for a 5 mile run to this amazing rock structure i found yesterday!! omg it looks AMAZING!!! yeah but if you have some place else you wana go or if you wana come join me thats cool just post up ;D.

Mid-Atlantic / Re: Forum Consolidation Proposal
« on: April 02, 2006, 01:47:39 PM »
that idea turns me on  :-*

Socialize / Re: Parkour shoe's
« on: April 01, 2006, 05:25:31 PM »
you can pk with any type of shoes really. In theory, since you're only suppose to use your own human capabilities, that you don't need shoes...of course that would hurt your feet when doing wall runs and running through a forrest  :P . so really it doesn't really matter... but some good shoes with good grip would definatly be helpful with wall runs and helping you not slip. but remember...its not only shoes but the skill :D

hope it was somewhat helpful...but i don't think i really was  :P

Socialize / Re: Myspace?
« on: April 01, 2006, 05:14:18 PM »
i think my myspace does enough to promote parkour

I believe thats my myspace thing...but as i say on the "about me" section 

"don't waste your time here, because i won't be."

closer to where? we always got next weekend :D


tire = unless i'm either chuck norris or david belle there ain't no way i can make it  :-[  >:(

have fun!!! Wolf now you gota lead the pack!

oh yeah and they normally meet at the clock tower right next to the johnson center

WELCOME BRY!!! defintly come its lots of fun!! but this training session won't be AS laxed as a normal jam but i'm sure its plenty of fun none the less ;D.

okay so once you're out of the metro station you take a bus to GMU. i think they might drop you off at the entrance of gmu so just ask how to get to the johnson center and i'll meet ya there!

WOOT! okay so... warm up with a quick jog from the clock "tower" to the parking deck and back. then stretch, do some dips, then work on pricisions!!! not too many long flat rails to work on them we can work on walls! haha alright so WOOT GMU IN THE FINAL FOUR!!! and they're going ALL THE WAY *cough* bandwagon *cough*

aight see yall there (assuming i can get my parents to let me outa the house...)


10am at the big clock in the middle of the campus! or IM me for my phone # and i'll try to meet you from wherever the bus happens to drop you off.

edit:: we're gona start off with a workout of the day and then move onto working on something specific...what do you wana work on? rolls? pricisions?

Mid-Atlantic / Re: weekly training sessions:
« on: March 26, 2006, 06:41:54 AM »
yep i signed up for that group just now! and as for the DC question...well you could take the metro all the way down to the last stop on the Orange line and take a bus to george mason univ. and we could hold a training session there! but it might take between 30 to 45 minutes. I'm hoping for a bigger turnout next saturday!! hopefully we can find out the workout of the day before it starts so we can actually do it!

so it seems to be leaning towards gmu for next time! check how far the trip is from DC and if you can make it then we'll definatly have it at gmu! and whoever else is interested POST UP!!

Pics & Vids / Re: Belle and Sebastien (not the music group) training
« on: March 25, 2006, 03:33:29 PM »
if parkour is all what cults do i'd definatly join one right now.

wahoo!! todays training session rocked! to bad i didn't get a chance to check workout of the day :-/ so instead i did a bunch of pushups haha. but today i worked on wall runs a lot with defythenorm and we seem to be gettin it goin i just gota work on my landing and roll (haha you had to see my horrid landing). we got a few pics and hopefully crystal will post em up...

anyway, i'm hoping to keep this going until i no longer live in virginia (college in 1 and a half years lol) so hopefully by may it'll still be going on!

as for next up so we can determine a new spot!!!

Movement / Wallruns
« on: March 25, 2006, 03:17:52 PM »
haha wow i was just working on my wall runs today!! what you gota do is practice running up to them from a short distance so that way you don't have a chance to slow down since you're speeding up to get to the wall. then you gota lift your leg up as high as you can and absorb your momentum. then you transfer that forward momentem into upward. hopefully that will help...its kinda hard to explain this online without showing you but hopefully it helped none the less.

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