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I haven't even gotten over the mental block for front flips. I want to wait until I have some kind of pad to land on, just in case.

I totally understand high goals though

I'm no expert, but I think those are pretty tough goals... tough for me at least.

Welcome to the community, if you haven't been already =D
I remember last year when I could only do 2 pull ups in a row. You can expect to grow really fast if you keep at it, but I'm sure you know that.

Training Journals / Re: Greg's Training Journal (Comments Appreciated)
« on: April 27, 2010, 06:06:14 PM »
I guess my natural habit is every other day. =P

-QM on my stairs, 5x up and down
-10 pushups
-finger strengthening
-3x70 heel lifts
-3x40 toe lifts
-2x10 slow leg lifts
-2x40 seconds of inward ankle presses
-2x10 pull*-ups                 (*palms facing outward?)
-2x15 close arm push ups
-2x10 prone trunk extensions

Time to play Zelda:OoT into the night...

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: New training spot
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:54:38 PM »
I haven't.... yet. That sounds like a great idea!

Socialize / Re: Ponderings
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:51:42 PM »
I guess I grew up on a good crowd, my graduation class is one of the most competitive my school district has had in a long time, as for the other schools in my area I heard that they're filled with people who don't give a f#ck.
Last year, the graduating senior class had about 80 people. There are about 900 kids in our school.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Stop the Bullshit campaign - Real Names
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:46:44 PM »
I changed my name... I think people can tell my name

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Getting discouraged
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:45:27 PM »

And no cheating, you have to use your feet and hands only. No using the knees or sliding down.

Well, maybe a little at first... I think I have pretty steep stairs

Socialize / Re: Ponderings
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:42:45 PM »
1. I'll give it a year at max, since Ultimate Parkour Challenge is premiering next month.

2. Jumping off stuff, vaulting, etc. is considered a taboo of modern "civilized" society.

3. I wouldn't agree with that, I say people value education still but people are just not as determined to get one (laziness)

4. It depends on how big it gets, but right now I would say very difficult. More traceurs go onto stunts to make a profession I believe.
1. Absolutely depressing. Parkour is a tool, and once the message is lost, it becomes useless.
2. I say heck with being "civilized"! kids have more fun, adults work and die. Why would you want to act like an adult??
3. You should visit my school some time. In a week you can completely lose faith in the upcoming generation.
4. Think the TRIBE pays well (or at all)?

Socialize / Re: Ponderings
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:30:31 PM »
Parkour actually helped me get over severe clinical depression, and probably is a main reason I never jumped off a cliff or played in traffic or something.
I'm still pretty self-critical and I think that ends up hurting me when I am out training.

A few PODs:
-How long do you think parkour will stay true to its roots before it is destroyed by the media and uneducated people?
-Why are so many people convinced parkour is dangerous and painful?
-Why doesn't anyone value an education anymore?
-How hard do you think it is to make parkour a career?

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Getting discouraged
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:25:36 PM »
DOWN stais on all four... sounds a lot easier than it is. Then again, that just shows that I'm not coordinated enough ;o

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Getting discouraged
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:01:28 PM »
Yeah. I try to practice every other day, or more.
Maybe you're right... it might be a coordination thing. Anyone know something I can do to promote QC (Quadrupedal Coordination)?

I'll start trying various tasks as a quadruped... who knows what could happen?

Training Journals / Re: Greg's Training Journal (Comments Appreciated)
« on: April 26, 2010, 06:57:14 PM »
This post is for yesterday... I was so discouraged by how lousy that day was that I didn't write it down =\

-3/4 mile of rail walking
-20 mins of tetherball (try it sometime. this is the definition of cardio.)
-4 second right flagpole
-15 eight footlength precisions. stuck the landing on maybe 4 or 5.
-4/25 wallclimbs up the 10' wall. no muscle ups =(
-0/about 8 kongs over some ledge..Still don't know why I can't make it.

Taking some much needed rest days...

Parkour And Freerunning / Getting discouraged
« on: April 26, 2010, 06:24:11 PM »
I have peen practicing parkour for a little over a year (I started last april). I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a large variety of things to practice on. There is this one wall that I always practice on, it is about 10' tall. Recently, for the life of me, I can barely ever reach the top. Last year I was able to do it pretty easy, and my two friends that started training months after I did can get up the wall every single time. I have no idea why I am the only one struggling, and it just kills me to go practice with them because they have gotten so much better at basic things that I should be nailing by now. I have stayed fit, I feel just as capable as I did last year, but I can't kong a picnic table anymore, and I only made it up the wall 4/25 tries a few days ago.

Any ideas about why my progress might be backtracking?

Training Journals / Re: Greg's Training Journal (Comments Appreciated)
« on: April 24, 2010, 09:22:08 PM »
(moved from first post)
I feel like there is something majorly wrong I am doing, which is ending up hurting my fitness. Probs my nutrition, so ima keep my eyes on that. Breakfast is fine, I always have cereal. My dinners are usually pretty well balanced. My lunches end up being the killer. My school doesn't cook anything healthy... too easy to just grab a burger and go. I'm going to try getting liiiike a turkey wrap or something for a while, see if that helps at all.

I had a dream last night where I was really good at QM and was galloping at a pace much faster than I could ever run, and the feeling was realistic and phenomonal. I began to wonder "Why can't people do that?" I now plan to practice QM a heck of a lot more, going to try even running like that, see if I can build up fluidity. 4 legs are better than 2 right?

I didn't do parkour today, so I had a pretty intense midnight workout in my room.
-2x20 close-arm push ups  (I'm trying to get strong enough to planche :o)
-1x10 knuckle push ups
-fingertip strengthening, pushing and pulling
-2x7 slow leg lifts
-3x40 heel lifts
-3x35 toe lifts
-2x10 prone trunk extensions

So tired... but that was my goal, right?
(end first post)

'Spose it is different for everyone, I end up staying up too late anyway... but I will keep that in mind.

I did a little parkour today, but I found myself alone, and lacking motivation, so it was more of a skills day.
-1 mile (at least) balance on the train tracks
-4 second long flagpole on my right
-1x5 10ft wall climbs, with 2 correctly done muscle ups.
-10 minutes of stair jumping and drills
-1x10 kong attempts over a ledge (I don't know why I can't make it ]: )
-1x5 jumps up a 7 stair set
-10 second lever
-30 mins of cardio

Socialize / Re: Practical Application for Dive Rolls
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:35:45 PM »
Easily one of the most impressive things I have seen in a looong time.

Socialize / Re: This may be the single most useful discovery ever!
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:25:25 PM »
Why did it take us so long to realize this?? I will never take my shirt off the same way again.

Socialize / Re: didnt see that coming
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:19:54 PM »
Did anyone else cringe when he did that wallspin at the end of the commercial?

Training Journals / Greg's Training Journal (Comments Appreciated)
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:00:46 PM »
Oh hey, why not?
Videos you should watch:
-ab workout --
-What I Have (my first vid) --

I usually follow the Yamakasi tradition of adding one to all of my sets. It helps show what you can really do. I'm really bad at vaults, they're my weak point. I'm trying to get a vault box so I can practice them on my recovery days.

Increase workout sets to
-25+1 wallclimb to muscle ups
-25 eight footlength precisions in a row
-25 nine footlength precisions in a row
-25 precisions up 5 stairs in a row
buy/build a box to practice vaults on
be able to kong a picnic table long ways
easily and commonly kong a long ledge at chest height
learn speed vaults
get good enough to apply speed vaults
learn dash vaults
get good enough to apply dash vaults
find out how much I can underbar
improve underbars by 2 inches
running jump 7 museum stairs
climb up a 10'8" wall
do a flip
do 1000 pushups in one school day
30 second handstand
Proper form planche

I'm REALLY pushing for that box. I feel so stupid with a goal like "learn speed vaults" after over a year of parkour.

100K Threads / Re: 100,000 Pushups
« on: April 23, 2010, 08:25:15 PM »


Excellent motivator. Expect more posts ;D

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