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Louisiana Tech / Winter Quarter Schedules
« on: November 13, 2009, 10:04:31 PM »
If you have your class load for the winter quarter, please post it up so that I can start making the schedule out. Thanks guys.

Gorilla PK / T-Shirts
« on: November 05, 2009, 01:51:45 PM »
So I wanna start making some t-shirts for GPK here but I am very inept at how to design these things so if anyone knows how to design a shirt please hit me up on this thread and I'll shoot a few free ones your way when I get them out.

Illinois / One day in Chicago - Places?
« on: November 05, 2009, 01:41:19 PM »
Hey guys,

Some of you guys may know me from around the boards and know that I'm from the south but most of my family lives in Wisconsin and New York and my college lets us out for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks in about 2 weeks here and I'm taking the Amtrak to Chicago and then to Wisconsin (I'm a professional aviation major and I could just fly myself but I wanna try and a train for once) with my friend Rob.

I'm stopping in Chicago for 2 nights and one day while waiting for my train to Wisconsin and I will be staying in The Palmer House Hilton downtown and while I do want to go see a bit of city with my friend Rob I also want to train a little bit around the city because I don't often come to Chicago so I was wondering if you guys could tell me some good places to train around the area I am in or some good places to train around some cool things to go see so that me and Rob can both get something out of the stop. I probably wouldn't be able to go meet up with any of you guys, but if you wanted to stop by and say hello to me that would be nice.

Also I have no issues with the bus and train system I know it by heart already. I memorize any train line and sometimes a bus line for any major city I go to so I am not opposed to traveling by train around the city but like I said, I'm only in the city for one day so I wanna cram as much stuff in as possible.

Thanks guys for your help. I really appreciate it.

Gorilla PK / Your scale lies - Muscle vs. Fat
« on: October 19, 2009, 12:13:35 PM »
So I know that we are all the big dudes on the forums and some of us are "completely I'm gonna pick up a f#cking car ripped" while others of us came from a nonathletic background and have extra baggage we need to get rid of. I myself came from heavyweight boxing and then after my last season in High School I just laid around for 5 months and got in terrible shape. Now I have probably about 30-40 lbs. of fat on me that I have been working off for awhile. But when people look at me. They don't guess 250-260 lbs. They guess around 200-220. I've even had one guy say 190. Why? Because most of me is muscle. A lot of guys out there I know are sensitive about scale weight but if you're one of them you need to learn that scales don't mean shit. Muscle weighs more then fat and if people are guessing you are almost 60 pounds less then what you are you need to realize that you are probably full of a crapload of muscle. And what does muscle equal in this game of life called parkour. Power. And that power is what makes up for lack of super speed like those guys who weigh 140 pounds and train. I know Alex, one of the big dudes can probably keep up and maybe pass Leon if they ran after reading Leon's mile time and Alex's. When Sprinting or running, you are not necessarily just walking super fast, but rather you are leaping from one foot to another. The more power you have behind each footstep equals a longer stride.

So guys, those of you who think you're nothing but fat, I encourage you to ask people what they think you weigh instead of what a scale tells you. Train consistently and train hard, but don't think just cause a scale says your heavy that it means you can't jump or do parkour. I dunno about you guys, but I can jump a tennis court net from flat without a run.  ;)

So keep training and don't let that scale hurt your feelings!

Pics & Vids / Rollerblade Parkour 0_o
« on: September 21, 2009, 09:17:12 PM »

I was just reading an article on this stuff. It's big in Europe apparently. You get a pair of aggressive inline skates (the ones that you do tricks with) and you use them with the aim, and I quote "Of getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible).

I sense trouble afoot!

Socialize / Superpowers
« on: September 18, 2009, 01:57:37 PM »
Knowing the Socialize section, this place has probably had like 9 of these threads but none I have seen so I'll start with it.

If you can have one super power, what would it be and why?

Me personally, I want teleportation. That's been my dream super power for just about as long as I have been alive. Plus if I coupled it with parkour I would not need a vehicle to go anywhere or do anything. I could do whatever I wanted and live life how I want. To me teleportation is the ultimate superpower and I dream of being able to teleport all the time.

Parkour And Freerunning / GorillaPK
« on: September 17, 2009, 07:22:35 PM »
Hello all,

So I have been on here for awhile and something I've noticed about a few members here is that some of us are on the larger side. Wether it be muscle or fat, there are a few more members here then I thought I knew of that are at least over 180-200 pounds. I've been throwing this idea around in my head for awhile now and I think that it would help bring more people in the traceur lifestyle, and I need you guys' help to get it started.

Growing up, I never had a lot of stuff easy. I've never had any amazing, outstanding, or incredible talents. I've had to work to be good at anything I did in life. When I was 18 I picked up Parkour and it changed my life. It has been this amazing thing that I proudly call my lifestyle now. However, I, like a lot of big guys here probably at one time or another looked at this from a perspective, "This is a small guy thing. I can't do it." But a lot of us pushed through that and tried anyways. One thing that happened to me when I trained was people would ask me what I was doing and I would tell them and they would always ask, "Aren't you a little to big to do that?" I even had one guy tell me, "Dude just give up. You're too big to be doing that crap. You need to be like one of those 5' 100 lb. guys." But through all of it I kept training, but I know many guys who gave up when people told them that. I'm tired of it. I'm sick of seeing bigger guys, no matter what shape they're in. Give up on parkour because they're too big. I'm doing my part down here to get bigger guys into PK, but I need the communities help for this to come to full fruition.

An international pk group made solely by big guys, for big guys. GorillaPK. I've done what I can down here to help it but I need you guys to help me. Do you know any big people no matter what the shape, that want to learn how to move like this but get frustrated because they can't relate completely to the smaller guys that dominate this art? Tell them about GorillaPK, tell them about a group dedicated to helping bigger dudes get started and progress in training parkour. I want to get the word out about this. I think this group could really help open doors for more people who aren't in the best shape or are just massive bodybuilders types. So if you guys could tell any bigger people you know that would want to try PK, or if you find a bigger dude interested in what your doing but does not have the confidence to try it themselves, tell them about Gorilla PK. Me and Alex Mills are currently getting a website together and I hope through some hard work, and some video's coming out soon that we will be able to truly get a new type of people involved in parkour.

Thanks for taking time to read this guys, I really appreciate what the community has done for me, and hopefully with this project, I can help with paving the way for new traceurs and give back to my community.

Louisiana Tech / For new guys. Club Info.
« on: September 17, 2009, 12:50:48 PM »
This is a club on Louisiana Tech Campus, dedicated to the two disciplines of Parkour and FreeRunning.

Parkour (the Art of Movement) is defined as an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as smoothly, efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body.

Freerunning (urban acrobatics) incorporates efficient movements from parkour, adds aesthetic vaults and other acrobatics, such as tricking and street stunts, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing way of moving.

Although often the two are physically similar, the mindsets of each are vastly different, and we aim to create an environment to develop each discipline as a group and learn to move as one.

Anyone is welcome to join in this NON-COMPETITIVE setting,and no matter what your physical condition, we will work with you to help better yourself and develop skills to help conquer not only the environment you live in, but problems you may face in daily life.

We stress that there is no competition and that you can join no matter what kind of shape you are in because we want everyone interested to join without fear of being criticized. We will help you get into shape using Parkour having fun while doing it, and if you interested in Freerunning, we will also help you slowly integrate Freerunning into your Parkour. You may be intimidated by some videos of either discipline on Youtube, but learning takes time and there is no need to be insecure about your abilities.

Our aim is in line with Belle's. "To take our art to the world and show people what it is to really move."

Louisiana Tech / LA TECH Parkour
« on: September 17, 2009, 12:43:34 PM »
Hey guys. I'm Kyle Rudolph. Captain of Louisiana Tech's Parkour and Freerunning club.

We meet up regularly 5-7 days a week depending on the schedule of the members.

Captain: Myself

2nd in Command: Ryan Rollin (thewoogier here on the forum)

3rd in Command: Eduardo Cortez Lopez (E_Lo here on the forum)

Everyone on here please post your schedules or text Eduardo so we can finish our Excel program for getting a perfect time for everyone.


Parkour / Longest vault?
« on: September 04, 2009, 11:06:27 PM »
So just curious about my fellow traceurs? What vault in your arsenal can cover the most distance in a single jump at full speed? We will say that this obstacle we are going over is just a flat raised table that is as long as your longest vault can reach.

I know most here will probably say kong, but even if that is so I just want to know your distance. My personal best vault is my speed vault. I can throw myself over and obstacle and not have to touch my hand down for the vault for 7 feet. That one second of parallel air time is complete bliss.

What is yours?

Consumer Whores / New Balance 812 Review
« on: September 02, 2009, 12:07:15 PM »
So I've been using these for a few weeks now and figured I'd write a review on them.

Fit- I rock these every day. They are extremely comfortable and form fitting. They also have a nice running shoe feel while being comfortable enough to do anything in. 5/5

Flexibility- Very flexible. The shoes can bend as far as your foot can either way. Less flexible then the Feyuie though. 4.5/5

Weight- I don't even notice that I'm really rocking shoes when I wear these. SUPER light. 5/5

Grip- This is the most interesting thing about these shoes. On rough surfaces like brick and stone, the grip is not very good. Probably equal to a skate shoe, which really pissed me off. But on grass and slick stuff, this shoe runs unopposed. When I used it in an airport I had amazing grip on tile, buffed floors, painted rails, polished objects, and carpet and I could do 3 step wall runs on mirrors. It really tripped me out because I did not think that any shoe would grip well on surfaces like that. On grass, this shoe is the equivalent of a spiked track shoe on a running track. When used for running or jumping off road, this shoe will tear the grass and dirt out of the earth because it digs in so well. I noticed that when I threw B-Twist's on grass that my pivot leg would not move an inch from where I wanted it to and would just dig in the ground, but when I wanted my feet to leave the ground the shoes would cooperate without a second thought. But upon landing, would rip the ground a new one again. The grip on these shoes have everything the Freerunner's do not. 3-4/5

Breathability- It's mesh. Super breathable. 5/5

Cushioning- Not too much on the foot, but the heel has NB's patented ABZORB technology. Very good protection for those times you mess up and your heel makes contact with stuff. And since I am training with a bruised heel ATM, they're super good for me. 4/5

Durability- They're New Balance. I rocked an old version of the 812 when I was first starting and they lasted me 4 months and I probably could've gone longer but I wanted Ariakes. :] 4/5

Price- Near 100 bucks. Pricey shoe that is true. 2/5

Comments- Do not recommend for people just staring concrete stuff. You need to have good form and strength to use these on concrete, but on slick stuff I will recommend these shoes over all shoes I have used, even Ariakes and if you know me you'll know how much I love them. Overall I would say not a beginner shoe, but if you're like me and you spend a lot of time doing things off concrete then these will be amazing for you.

Pro's- Great grip on a lot of stuff, breathability, flexibility, and cushioning. Good weight and fit as well.
Cons- Bad on stone and brick. I have never had a shoe that slipped on bricks before but these will. However, the amount of other stuff I have found I am able to use my shoes on now, like mirrors, evens it out a little bit for me.

Socialize / Any traceur's with iChat/AIM and a webcam???
« on: August 19, 2009, 04:15:15 PM »
So I know I can't be the only guy with a mac here! I was just thinking that it would be cool to talk to other traceur's via webcam and real voices. Plus if you have a question and no one is online on APK I'm sure one of us is bound to be on iChat.

So yeah, all traceur's with iChat post them!

Also, if you just have AIM and a webcam it should work too!

Arkansas / Sooooo yeah...
« on: August 15, 2009, 11:23:45 AM »
In town for three weeks. Anyone want to go train?

Consumer Whores / Nike ID Trainer's?
« on: July 25, 2009, 03:25:31 PM »
So one thing about me that's weird is that I really like shoes. I collect them. I also use them all for parkour but I never write reviews (gonna get on that promise). Well anyways, I have a 150 dollar giftcard for NikeID and I was going to get a pair of their trainers, not only can you customize them and put your name on the shoes, but you can pick all the different colors and materials they use to make them. However, I was wondering, I know the Dart's have a good rep with the Parkour community but that's not an option right now. So I was wondering if I should use my giftcard on the ID Trainer's or a different ID shoe? I can't use it at the regular Nike store, just the ID store.

Thanks for the help guys.  :)

Socialize / I love you guys
« on: July 22, 2009, 08:16:49 PM »
No homo, no suck up, just brotherly love for all my fellow parkour inspired fellows.

I was on this other forum I visit often called Scooter Resource because I enjoy freestyle scootering. Though I do not practice much because I have just about dedicated my life to the movement arts and fighting and flying airplanes I still enjoy it. However, the people on that forum act radically different then the ones on this forum. This is an average post on that forum.

[quote1248322409=Lank Dog]
You say you want the drama to end and you just kept it going.. f#ck you're an idiot

That's about average. Just a bunch of drama with no end and it gets really tiresome after awhile. I really don't post there anymore. But you guys, you're all really mature, even the 14 year old traceurs, and I can have serious discussions with you guys, but at the same time we all can joke around a lot too and have fun. So I just wanted to thank you all for being so damn legit and I hope I can meet a lot of you guys one day.

I'm gonna +1 everyone I can at anytime from now, so if you suddenly get like +99 karma after a couple weeks that might've been me. Lol.

But yeah, I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and thanks for being so awesome and please don't change on me.

Socialize / Test your "Runner Vision"
« on: July 20, 2009, 07:05:32 AM »
Ok so is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, and now here it is.

We all know that when you begin your journey into the world of parkour you start to see things a lot differentially. This is because you are starting to see walls and rails and benches as fun things to play on or train on. Soon after that this type sight evolves into seeing lines through your environment as the fastest way possible to get across something. However, this sort of vision cannot be perfectly turned without seeing all opportunities first.

Every other day, I will post a new picture and I want you guys to look at the picture and think of all the possibilities for training you can do if you were in these environments and post them. Who knows, you might have one no one else even thought off. Hopefully after this topic gets going we can all start to improve our vision. :]

So here we go to start. Wish I could train here.

Tricking / Aerial Freakout
« on: July 18, 2009, 12:48:28 AM »
Ok, so I can do cartwheels and one handed cartwheels quite effectively and good. I can bust them out wherever in just about any position. Now it's time to go on to aerials. My problem is that not only does my mind kinda freakout a little bit, but I can't seem to find what I'm supposed to throw where. I've watched the APK tutorial and still no luck. My gymnastics instructor told me it'd be easier to get a run and then jump and go into them, I'm currently having difficult with the jump since it is different then the jump I used for flips so I've been kinda trying them with only a few steps and not a crapload of forward momentum. I think though, apart from my mind it the fact that I can't seemed figure out what to throw where in an aerial. Any advice? I really need to know what to kick and what to throw and where to move, I can't seem to figure it out.

APK Store / Products / Capri's haven't even shown as being ordered.
« on: July 10, 2009, 07:59:49 AM »
Ok. So I recently order some APK Cargo's which have since shipped but the next day I decided I wanted a pair of the Capri's as well so I bought them too. Well while my APK Cargo's went to confirm right away and are now shipping but Capri's have yet to even show up on my APK order list of all the stuff I've bought? I paid for both I have the receipts for both of them but my Capri's aren't even showing up as if I've bought them. I just want to know if anyone has had a problem like this or if something is up because I spent 30 bucks on those Capri's.  :-[

Thanks guys.

Parkour And Freerunning / Helping others
« on: June 21, 2009, 04:51:10 AM »
Hello all,

So recently this thought has been coming to me about helping others. In my training not only have I tried to better my body but also better my mind and my spirit. One thing I seem to do now a lot is help other people out who need it in more then just using parkour. For example, yesterday a man came into my gas station (A degree in professional aviation is very expensive do to all the flight time required so I have to work side jobs to make money for it.) and couldn't find a charger for his phone in Wal-Mart and our local Best Buy and Radio Shack's were closed and he had about five hours on the highway left to travel and he happened to have the same type phone as me so I gave him my charged battery for his dead one. Stuff like that.

However recently a man came into my store with his wife who looked terribly ill. The man looked super poor and he came up and had a nice talk with me. Near the end of the chat he explained a situation he was in and that he needed some money to help get him on his feet. Trying to be a good Samaritan, I gave him the last 20 dollars I had in my wallet for two weeks till I get paid again because no matter what he did with it the man looked like he needed it much more then I did.

However now, today earlier on my shift this same man came back to my store with his wife and he had completely forgotten who I was and came up to my counter and bought several cartons of cigarettes and had me break a 100 for him. I did not say a word as the man strolled out casually but this little incident sparked a question in me I was hoping someone on here could answer. That man looked like he needed help but he did not at all. So is there a line? All I basically did was give that man my last 20 dollars out of kindness and all he did was use me.

Is there a line? Is there a boundary where I should stop helping people if I think they need it. I have no problem helping others but I hate being cheated out of things that I also need to survive but give to others because they look worse off. So is there a line anyone draws in helping people? If so, what is it and how did you come to find it?

Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice.

So I was training by myself today and it wasn't any hardcore training. Just walking my usual route to get a gatorade climbing and stopping and vaulting things. Handstands along the way, etc. When I came to this fountain. I usually get on top of it and walk it but today I wanted to cross over the fountain. There's no drop at all. It's just a flat fountain. I jumped from the edge to the center of it where the dry tile area is and cleared it, but my Freerunner V2's slipped on me (go figure...) and I slipped off the tiles into the fountain. I got up out of the water and laughed about it but as I walked back to my dorm to change my right index finger started hurting. It feels like I jammed it but I can't pop it back out. Is it broken? Would I be able to move it if it was broken? Advice please. It hurts near the  base depending on how I move it. Up and down no problem just a minor sting but it feels jammed. I dunno if it is or not.

Thanks guys!

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