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Training Journals / A Beginner's Attempt to Learn
« on: June 05, 2006, 10:08:57 AM »
Figured that this will keep me motivated and be able to receive people's input.

June 05
Since I'm not in great shape, I decided to start off small and work my way up to more intense training regiments.

Before doing anything, I stretched out a bit and jumped rope for 1 minute.
Then went on to do article listed on the website and finally did what my boxing gym refered to as The Chair Wall.

The Chair Wall - 2 sets. Usually done in a rotating pattern with a partner. All you need is a chair. [I only did one set].
#1 - Pushups - 10 reps
 Get in pushup position and place just your feet on the chair. After this becomes easier, increase the number of pushups or do explosive pushups. For an even more difficult work out, do explosive clap pushups.

#2 - Crunchs - 10 reps [I went all out and didn't even count].
Place legs in the chair and arms behind your head. Simple and short movement, tip of elbows to knees.

#3 - Dips - 15 reps
Placing your hands on the edge of the chair, stretch your legs out and dip down til your elbows are in a 90 degree angle and bend at the waist. Push back up. Avoid locking up your elbows when pushing back up!

#4 - Reverse Crunchs - 10 reps [Went for 25]
Sit on the ground, lean back slightly and use your arms to hold yourself up. Lift legs up, while bent at a 90 degree angle, and bring them closer to you and the away. This should work your lower abs and the movement should be small [but it burns.. oh it burns].

Alternative #4 - Reverse Crunchs - 10 reps [Only can be done with a partner]
Partner stands with feet apart. Lay down on the ground with your head between their feet and grab onto their ankles. Lift legs straight up into the air [try to keep them straight] and have your partner push them as hard as they can to the the left, right, and away from them. This is one rep. Bring your legs back to their original position as quick as possible.

#5 - Switching Squat - 15 reps
Stand with feet shoulder length apart, knees bent slightly, and your lead foot a step ahead of your other foot. Hop-switch your feet positions 3 times and squat. That is 1 rep.

Afterwards, I went outside and did some basic landing practice and tried to get more comfortable rolling. As it rained last night, this lasted about five minutes before I gave up due to the ground being too muddy.

Things to work on later today/tonight:
  • Basic Vaults
  • Breathing Stamina - MUST go running.

North Carolina / District 13
« on: June 05, 2006, 09:05:35 AM »
Anyone know if D13 is even playing in Raleigh? I don't see it on any of the listings.  :'(

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