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He may be referring to these updates. 

Breakfast: eggs, strip of bacon, 2 toast

lunch: booze, chips, strawberries

Dinner: booze, burger, chips.


Breakfast: none

Brunch: banana

Lunch: Spangles (the free fast food)

Dinner: chicken wings, tea yum tea.


Workout: grappling

Breakfast: banana

Lunch: Spangles again, can't pass up free

Dinner: 1 beer, 2 cookies, and a bear claw type pastry. 

After all I did Sunday, I totally deserve it.

I would die trying to eat that even for a few days...  Some of those foods dont have enough nutritional value to be worth eating.  I will say however, based on your log, your diet is improving(at least with the types of foods).


90% of the reason I decided to post a journal here is that for whatever reason I get motivated by strangers giving support and/or shit.  Its all good.

Hehe that made me laugh.

The Encyclopedia of [modern] bodybuilding by Arnold?  Is not the best book for... well, im not exactly sure what your actual goal is??  With that being said, it did introduce me to a plethora of exercises and particular routines such as splits.  I would not however recommend some of the ways that are in the the book to finish/ raise the intensity of a workout(ex cheat reps) as form is most defiinately off.

For losing weight I would look into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routines such as Tabata intervals which coincidently a form of it is the WOD for today.
Full body training, not splits, and compound movements will help with bettering your body composition.  Clean and press which I see you are doing is a great example.

I dont know what your situation is with your injuries, and I dont know much about rehabilitation,(I stop when I hurt) and as well with diet, there are quite a few guys with a vast knowledge on these subjects on this site, as well armed with a few good links.

Do yourself a favor and set a quantifiable goal.  Good luck Jay and good job so far!!!

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: March 12, 2010, 08:53:47 AM »
March 10th

Bench Press     140lbs 5X4              Triceps Press 46lbs 3X8
                     120lbs 1X5              Pullovers       30lbs 2X8
Dips                +5lbs  5X8                                 40lbs 1X8

->March 11th->Triceps were SORE; Dips killed me. DOMS :(  Chest is a little sore now.
Triceps and chest are better.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: March 10, 2010, 06:14:09 AM »
Celebrated the gf's birthday for a few days, which significantly halted training for a few days.  Back on track now.  I dont know if its a good thing or bad yet that Im back to somewhat linear progressions.  Good that I can build a good foundation before I go back into strength training.

March 6th

Chins +5lbs         3X8             Reverse curls 46lbs 3X8
DBSwing 30lbs     3X10           upright row 50lbs 3X8
OA Row 55lbs      1X8; 2X6     Hammer preacher curl 25lbs 1X8;7;5
OADL 70lbs         1X8             DBrollout 2X5; 1X5 negatives

March 9th

Front Squat 120lbs   3X8        Shrugs 80lbs 3X8
SLDL 130lbs            3X8         HSPU 1X8; 2nd set: attempted handstand pushup FS
Romainian DL 80lbs   3X8         Thruster 80lbs 3X8
Bradford Press 80lbs 3X8         COC #1 Full close 3X5; 1X 12sec; COC #2 Near close ~2-3mm 1X 9sec

Free standing handstands and Push ups are very close.  Im getting ahead of myself 'trying' both handstands and FSHSPUs and not training them specifically.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: March 05, 2010, 07:31:40 AM »
Still getting used to higher rep ranges and more exercises that target the same muscles; as shown from the weights used.

February 27th

Front Squat 110lbs 3X8                  Bradford Press 70lbs 3X8
SLDL 120lbs 3X8                            HSPU 3X8
Turkish Getups 25lbs 3X4/side          Shrug 70lbs 3X10
Romainian DL 70lbs 3X8                   Thruster 60lbs 3X8

March 1st

Went to the park and practiced tumbling.  Lots of rolls; Fowards, backwards, over each shoulder, start from kneeling, start from vertical jump, start from broad jump, start from cat hang.  Even start from cartwheel  :)  I probably did about 100 rolls? on the rubberized, but frozen :( ground.  20 cartwheels on each side.  OAC was almost zilch, but I did a few negetives.  several dozen precisions at different lengths.  Handstand work for 10-20 min.  I then ran the playground a little and did some speed/agility work.

March 2nd

Plank 0:30X2                    Triceps press 40lbs 3X8
Side Plank 0:30X2              Butterfly 4thplt 3X8
Reach Plank 0:30X2           Neck Bridge 2X5
Dips bw 3X8                     Wrist Roll 10lbs 2X4
benchpress 120lbs 3X8       Axe Lever 3 hand away 3X8
reach pushup 3X10

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: February 25, 2010, 10:35:13 AM »
February 23rd and 25th were the start of building mass. 

February 23rd

Plank:     Side Plank:  Reach Plank:   Benchpress:   Dips:      Reachpushup:  Extension:        Butterfly:
2X 0:30   2X 0:30      2X 0:30          2X8 120lbs    3X8 bw   3X10             1X8 2ndplate     1X12 3rdplate
                                                  1X7 120lbs                                     1X10 2ndplate   2X8 4thplate
                                                                                                      1X8 3rdplate
Neck Bridge:    WristRoll:     Axe Lever:
2X5                2X4 10lbs    3X8 Threehandsaway

February 25th

Chinups:   DBSwing:      DBRow:      OHDL:        W/AltPulldown:     reverse curls:    OHPreacher curls:
3X8 bw     3X10 25lbs   3X8 50lbs    3X8 70lbs   1X8 6thplate        3X8 40lbs          3X8 25lbs
                                                                 2X8 7thplate

3X5 20lbs

After maybe about a month I might test my maxes and modify a sheiko program similar to the (30000 volume?!?) February 19th workout to develop power while still building mass.  I did go up from 148lbs 14-15%bf to 155lbs 13-14%bf; dont know what the hell to contribute that to, but am going to say that most of it was "bounce back"? Considering the short time period.

I might take out (on that specific day; Feb 19th) OAC, the Standing RTwist, lessen the pullups and squats to maybe 3X5 bw pullups and 3X5 60% squat, and add BenchPress.

And come up with something like:
Day 1 (chest/Triceps Focus)
Plank: 1:00
Sideplank: 1:00 /side
Rechplank: 1:00
Dips: 1X5 55%; 1X4 60%; 2X3 70%; 3X3 80%; 3X2 85%
Squats: 3X5 60%
Bench Press: 1X4 55%; 2X4 65%; 4X4 75%
Pullups: 3X5 bw
DBRollout: 3X5
Misc. Triceps exercise: 5X5
Reach pushup: 3X10
Wrist Roll: 2X4
Axe Lever: 3X8

I will figure out how I want the splits and if I want three or four day splits as well as the other days later.  This is just a mock up so far.

Far less volume than Sheiko and pushing more towards mass while still geared toward strength rather than a typical 3X8-12 BB(bodybuilding) or even BBB(Big But Boring) workout.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: February 25, 2010, 09:54:03 AM »
February 10th to the 20th were more of rehabilitation from sickness than anything.

February 10th

Dips:        Front Squats:    OAC rope:           Dips:              Pullups:          HSPU:    StandingRTwist:
1X5 bw     1X5 20lbs          3X5 4thplate       2X5 +15lbs      2X5 +10lbs      1X5       3X5 25lbs
2X8 bw     2X8 20lbs                                  2X5 +22lbs      2X5 +15lbs      1X3
5X5 bw     3X5 30lbs                                       

February 12th

DL:              Dips:              HSPU:    DL:                OAC rope:        Pullups:
1X5 50lbs      1X5 bw           4X3       2X3 75lbs       3X5 4thplate     4X5 bw
2X8 75lbs      2X5 +15lbs                  3X3 100lbs
3X4 100lbs     3X4 +22lbs                  4X3 125lbs
                   2X3 +30lbs
                   2X4 +15lbs
                   2X5 bw

February 15th

Squat:          Pullups:         OAC rope:        Dips:            HSPU:      Squat:          Pullups:
1X5 20lbs      1X5 bw          3X5 5thplate    1X5 +15lbs    5X3         1X5 30lbs       1X5 +10lbs
1X4 20lbs      1x4 bw                               1X4 +23lbs                   1X4 45lbs      1X5 +15lbs
2X3 30lbs      2X3 +10lbs                          5X3 +30lbs                   5X3 60lbs      5X3 +20lbs
5X3 45lbs      5X3 +15lbs

StandingRTwist:       DBRollout:
3X4 50lbs                2X5

February 19th

Dips:            Squats:        OAC rope:        Dips:            Pullups:        HSPU:   StandRTwist:   DBRollout:
1X5 +40lbs    1X5 75lbs      5X3 6thplate    1X4 +40lbs    1X4 +25lbs    5X3      3X5 30lbs        3X5 (Feet)
1X4 +45lbs    1X4 90lbs                           2X4 +48lbs    1X3 +30lbs
2X3 +53lbs    2X3 105lbs                         1X4 +56lbs     2X2 +35lbs
3X3 +60lbs    5X3 120lbs                         1X2 +56lbs     5X2 +40lbs
3X2 +65lbs

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: February 24, 2010, 10:47:55 AM »
Okay I lied.  I went home and didnt update last night  :P got busy finding out Im going to be an uncle!! 

After getting sick I should add I went down to a disgusting 148lbs; this morning I was 155lb before eating and a day or two ago, 156lb after a workout.

Im too indecisive.  My woman wants me to gain weight to which I agreed to, maybe ~170-180lbs.  Its doable without too much work, I hit 185lb at 9% bf a few years ago so  I will probably use a basic hypertrophy program as a three day split for an outline and then for additional (*cough more functional) work Parkour and or strongman.

With a basic hypertrophy plan involving no more than 10 exercises, nearly all compound, I should easily gain 10-20 lbs without problem.

I will update ..uhhh when I can?  and when I have my journal with me.  Feel free to dissect when I post my routine.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: February 23, 2010, 07:26:42 AM »
Got sick for about a week or two.  :( But I will update what I have been doing the past week when I get home.

Yesterday I played at the park, focusing on balance and pulling strength.  The playground still had about a foot of snow which made for a hard run, but good none the less.  Drilled OAC negetives a dozen reps or so along with explosive pullups.

Used the various "bouncy" and "wobble" structures for balance with squats and pistols QM was nearly zilch with the snow and no gloves as well as any railwork.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 28, 2010, 10:29:06 AM »
Squat thrusts: Tabata style; 40lbs
20sec work/ 10sec rest

20 Rtwists 10lbs
20 Leg levers
10 Rtwists 20lbs
10 HLRs
10 Standing Rtwists 50lbs
10 Dumbell rollouts 25lbs (knees)

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 27, 2010, 05:49:24 PM »
Legs and lower back today.  I am happy about the Zerchers and Romainian DLs.  Today I managed to pull 100lbs with good form from the floor with Zerchers; 90lbs with Romainian DLs.

Zercher (from floor)
2X8 70lbs
2X4 90lbs
4X2 100lbs
1X4 90lbs

Romainian Deadlift
1X5 70lbs
1X5 80lbs
1X5 90lbs

1X3 30lbs over 25lbs under
1X2 36lbs over 25lbs under
1X3 36lbs over 25lbs under

warmed up with Coc#1 Full close 1X3
Axe Lever
1X3 one hand away
1X2 one hand away
1X3 two hands away

Axe Rotation
1X3 half haft
1X2 three hands away
1X3 half haft

Finger walk with axe:
1X1 thumbs facing up
1X1 thumbs facing down

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 25, 2010, 09:04:53 PM »
I didnt feel like doing Zercher squats after getting home around six.

Heavy Dips:
1X5 BW
1X5 +40lbs
1X5 +45lbs
1X5 +54lbs
1X5 +64lbs
1X4 +75lbs

I didnt gain on the +75lbs so Im glad I already decided to put in a light training day for dips.  I hope to get to five reps next time, but if not, i will have to unload.

Uneven pullups on towel, about 10"-12" distance.

1X4 Coc#1
1X4 10mm close Coc#2
2X2 4mm close Coc#2
2X1 2mm to near close with six second hold Coc#2

Felt great about the Near close of the Coc#2 grippers and the uneven pullups.  Ill probably be doing the axe lever by the handle in a session or two.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 25, 2010, 06:27:29 AM »
Workout for Saturday January 23rd:

I trained OAC with rope on pulldown:
1X5 Fourth plate
1X5 fifth plate ~88lbs
1X5 sixth plate ~98lbs
1X3 seventh plate ~120lbs

The reps were well done, however I was still sore from the clean and presses.  With the lack of proper weight increments, a 5X5 scheme is not the best.  I will however change my routine to OAC training to three times a week, one heavy and one light and one skill day.  For dips, as well One heavy and one light day a week.

I taught my sister back squats and overhead squats to help her with her form.  I did example squats to show her and then I squated with her.  No workout, but probably did at least 50 squats with 20lbs.  Showeed her dips and helped her with negetives, so a dozen dips?

Heavy dipping later today or tomorrow with Zerchers.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 21, 2010, 01:56:54 PM »
I love workouts like today  :D I decided to work on Clean and presses, lower back and gripwork.

Clean and press:
1X3 100lbs
1X2 120lbs
1X3 130lbs
1X1 140lbs
1X1 146lbs //failed on first press attempt, but lockout on second *Clean was fine*
1X1 140lbs

Bar slant:
1X6 bare bar
2X4 +8lbs
1X3 +13lbs
1X2 +16lbs

Warm up for grip:
Coc #1
1X5 close to ~4mm
1X3 Full close

Grip work:
Axe lever 8lbs
2X3 one hand away from the end

Axe rotation 8lbs
1X3 midshaft
1X2 One hand towards end of shaft

20 toe raises and heel raises  (two feet)
10 toe raises and heel raises  (one foot)
10 Lateral flexions and extensions (each foot)

Neck bridge
7 anterior lifts
7 posterior lifts
7(each side) lateral lifts

Clean and press is close to my goal of BW, 9lbs away.  I should get that one quickly.  On the axe lever, I used to be able to rep from the end of the handle and on the axe rotation, I could rep from one/two hands from the handle.  I havent lost much but it took a lot of work to get there.  Its probably what helped me to close the coc#1 a while back.

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 21, 2010, 11:58:35 AM »
Thank you much Spencer B.

Sadly I havent done much since monday 18th.  On the 18th, I went on a 2km hike with my girlfriend and just prior did maybe a dozen or so pistols each leg, pullups and precision jumps on 4"X4" surfaces at varying heights. 

Tuesday and wednesday I was too busy with errands and birthdays to do weights(and was away from the house) so I decided to rest  ;D
I dont know what Im doing today, I feel like Im behind but the rest was good, especially with my lower back being a little tense on Monday/Tuesday.

Training Journals / Re: CptBongue's training log
« on: January 18, 2010, 08:45:55 AM »
Glad my input was of help.  Good luck on your goals!

Training Journals / Re: CptBongue's training log
« on: January 17, 2010, 03:10:46 PM »

I don't know if alternating the squat sets with upper body movements (like chin-ups and dips) is affecting my strength, but I've watched my squat strength go down progressively in the last 2 weeks. Just 2 weeks ago I had achieved my record of 1 x 5 @ 245# and rather than getting closer to repeating this, it seems I'm getting further.

Since I'm dieting to lose weight, I'm really contemplating resuming 100% metcon and leaving the strength training for when I'm not so concerned with losing weight

Out of curiosity, how much did you rest between the squats and chins? 

Typically I have noticed that If I do alternate with any exercises, it helps with endurance and that I can not lift as heavy as would if I stuck to just one.  I have been lifting for strength only as of now and can not even think about putting compound exercises like squats with chins, but I am also working towards OAC.

100K Threads / Re: 100 Million Pounds!
« on: January 17, 2010, 02:13:32 PM »
+ 17,685


Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 17, 2010, 01:33:29 PM »
Ooops, haha didnt mean to sound belligerent.  What I ment to say was: my favorite back exercise is currently the Windmill.

Dont worry, I still practice DL's and such, but quick question?  What does 'FTW' stand for?

Dips went well today, Im happy with my overall workout as well.  I increased the weight back to 30lbs with the straight arm rotations and have felt an increased ROM in my shoulders.  I dont think I will be adding weight any time soon so I can monitor flexibility.  I might even alternate between 20lbs and 30lbs.  The reason is, I started with 20lbs and swapped to 30lbs just before the listed workout on January 11th with 20lbs, and now my ROM has increased.  It could be however, just because I have been consistently doing them.  Its working, so it aint broke  :P

Weighted dips: standard 5X5
1X5 +40lbs
1X5 +45lbs
1X5 +54lbs
1X5 +64lbs
1X4 +75lbs

I didnt get the fifth rep on my last set, but everything went smoothly with great form.  I will do the same routine next time.  If I (very easily) hit 5 reps of +75lbs I will try for +84lbs(or +12% of 75lbs).  If I dont, then I will unload for a workout or two and try again.

2X10 Hise shrugs 30lbs
2X10 Pullup shrugs
2X10 Chinup shrugs
2X10 Dip shrugs
2X10 Pushup shrugs
2X10 Handstand shrugs

Straight arm rotations; 5 reps for each:: 30lb bar
palms down narrow
palms down wide
palms up narrow
palms up wide

palms down narrow
palms down wide
palms up narrow
palms up wide

Training Journals / Re: Kenny Awesome's Log of Torture
« on: January 16, 2010, 03:17:27 PM »
I appreciate your concerns as well as opinions.

I can easily do 200lbs+ squat, however, without a squat-rack, it makes for a dangerous lift.  Kind of an aside, but the zercher came from a strongman who did not have proper equipment at his homegym to preform heavy front squats.

The zercher squat does require enough flexibility in the hips to be able to pull from the ground without rounding your back, but it mimics the same movement as deadlifting with your feet on a raised platform or gripping the bar with a very wide grip.

I do agree it could be detrimental to someone untrained in the deadlift or strength training in general and with any new exercise should be taken with care not to injure yourself(whether experienced or unexperienced).

As for the windmill, I like a strong lower back, and that never hurt anyone :) also, it helps with the posterior chain.  Just a different and technical way to work the back :)

>>If you ever decide to pick up a large heavy rock you will notice its similarity with the zercher.

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