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« on: November 12, 2008, 09:34:27 PM »
 :)HELLO GUYS.i am new here and a parkour fan~~~

Firstly i wanna to say good evening for all of you guys since you are in midnight now, :)
yeah i am a male from Asia,China.Because not having studied hard ,my english is just soso~~~ :P.If  i use some foolish words sometimes,please to be kind to forgive my mistake.I definitly do not mean to emprss such unpleasure emotion.
thankyou for your kindness,hehehe :)

NOW lets get to business.I will have a presentation next week for my homework and I choose parkour to be my topic bacause ,you konw in China,there is not a large amount of men who knows parkours.I have a strong desire to do a good job in this introduction.So could some  kind guys give me some advices or imformation ?

Because its a english intensive course,I think your suggestions would be great helpful for me  :)
This is my @ address Looking for your write back. :)

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