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Training Journals / TimothyJS - So it begins...
« on: October 31, 2010, 04:40:28 PM »
I tried making a log before and failed, but I'm glad I did it as I learnt from the mistake of not having done any research into goal setting.  I've recently moved to university in Leicester, England, and there is a smallish but growing parkour population here.  Thanks to a friend with a car, I have access to an open gym on Mondays and actual parkour lessons on Fridays.  I joined a nearby gym (the uni gym is dire) and will be starting Starting Strength this week.  So here it goes...

140lbs (four weeks ago, no idea if it's the same or not)

Immediate goals:
Two plate squat (100kg/220lbs, not sure what standard plates are in the USA but I will post lbs as well)
Bodyweight bench press 3x5
Two plate deadlift
Achieve one muscle up with proper form

Obviously these are massively subject to change as I may reassess after a few weeks depending on progress etc.

The week is looking like this so far:
Monday - open gym 8-9:30
Tuesday - SS
Wednesday - off
Thursday - SS + some light trampolining in the evening
Friday - off
Saturday - SS
Sunday - off

Let's see how this goes.

Training Journals / Timothy's road to kanzenseiha
« on: July 24, 2010, 02:39:01 PM »
 - Hello to everyone at APK. I'm fairly new here and have recently developed an interest in parkour/gymnastic training.  I have only made a few posts but I think it would be good to start a training journal.  My fitness background isn't amazing; average I suppose, mainly consisting of a lot of tennis for the past eight or so years, something which I no longer do competitively but is still a favourite hobby.  It was early 2010 when I thought, 'Wow, I'm 19 and my physical ability is nowhere near what it should be', at which point I overcame my fear of handstanding, a really fun skill I think everyone should learn at some point in their life.

- My name is Timothy Shelbourne and I live in Cambridge, England.  I'm 19 years old and am coming to the end of my gap year; off to university this october to study general engineering.  I'm working as an activities leader at a language school this summer and one of the perks of this is that it's near a park which I've started using to build some upper body strength.  I also play the piano in my spare time and I took my ABRSM (English grading system!) Grade 8 a couple of weeks ago.

- I really need a log to keep myself motivated so I am extremely glad I have found this site where everyone shares common interests.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.  :)

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140lbs (ish, don't have any scales)
BMI: Means nothing

Goal lists seem pretty common, so here are my initial thoughts, some being short term, some long term, and of course all subject to change if I find they are too unrealistic to start with:
- One arm chin, right arm (because of tennis my right arm is much stronger than my left; I can do one arm negatives with my right arm but not with my left)
- One arm chin, left arm
- Three one arm chins from a dead hang, right arm
- 60s tuck planche with hips above shoulders
- Freestanding handstand
- Freestanding handstand pushup (and eventually with paralettes)
- Front handspring
- Back handspring
- Dead hang muscle up
- Learn a proper parkour roll and be 100% confident with it

I'm currently doing:
Pistols - for some reason I can do these very easily with my left leg, my best being with 18 kg added (dumbells), though my right knee doesn't seem to be as strong so I'm working on it.  Eventually I wish to progress these to plyo pistols.
Pullups - My staircase backs on itself, creating a ledge with which I can so pseudo pullups.  I can do ~ 10 dead hang pullups and ~ 14 on an actual bar.
L sits - 3 x 15s holds a day (not sure if this is the best way to improve).  I'm trying to keep my legs above parallel.
'Planche' pushups - I use paralettes to make these as difficult as possible, as I currently have no barbell access.  I'm not interested in doing hundreds of pushups but making my leverage poor so I can still do a 5 x 5 routine.
Hanging leg raises - proper ab exercise!
Handstand work - I'm no longer afraid of overdoing handstands and can land safely, so it's just a matter of time before I have the necessary strength/balance to balance unsupported.
Practicing a parkour roll - just started this yesterday  :-X

That's all for now!  Comments/advice very welcome.  ;D

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