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West Virginia / EXTREMELY NEW Traceur in Central WV
« on: November 05, 2009, 06:55:15 PM »

I've basically just started to become interested in parkour, and I'm living in central WV (Summersville).

Was wondering if there's anybody even remotely close (Beckley, etc.) to me that I might be able to run/parkour with eventually, once I get used to things.

Welcome! / New Traceur (Understatement!) from Central WV.
« on: November 05, 2009, 08:06:19 AM »

After watching videos and events on television, as well as reading around on this website and that of Urban Freeflow, I've decided to start training in the art of parkour.

The only problems right offhand are:

1)  A seeming lack of places to practice/train in my town (the only places with buildings and things of that nature seem to be in the center of town, and due to high volumes of traffic on small roads, that'd be pretty unsafe...

2)  A moderate lack of upper body strength.    It seems that I have plenty of lower body strength, but when it comes to doing pushups/pullups, I...can't say that I can do very many of each, I guess this is something I need to make a significant improvement in.

Any guidance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as well as a suggestion for proper footwear, as the only shoes I have in my possession at this time are a pair of hiking boots and an extremely worn out pair of skateboarding shoes that have no tread left on them at all (which seems like it would be counterproductive and unsafe for the purposes of parkour).

From reading around, all I can tell that I really "need" are a pair of decent running shoes, and loose clothing that allows nonrestricted movement, like sweatpants or some other sort of loose pants?

Thanks again, to all who reply!

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