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Nebraska / Looking for Nebraskan people Rawrrr
« on: July 26, 2009, 06:31:25 PM »
Hey im Chris u can find me on the welcome page and the tuturials and stuff.
ps im 13
im new to parkour im looking for some new thigns to do unfortuantly im "fat" and i cant do pullups but im starting a diet and i have a whole common area (open space in backyard thats huge) im looking for people to message me through text or call (after 7pm plz) 4026578844 thats my cell so ill be sure to answer once i find my phone in a little bit 8) i can do running and stuff and i can do a roll but have issues doing it properly i cant get from my shoulder to hip opposite sides soooo i go to a cabin in missouri and i practice doing rolls in the water haha so yah Respond if you can and nice to meet you all   ;D or send me a message / add me on facebook

Welcome! / Hey =)
« on: July 26, 2009, 04:03:14 PM »
Hey im Chris (Lastname not avaliable) =P

I am 13 i play football and i started looking parkour about a week ago found this and here i am.
i am high in the weight (my wii says im overweight and it sucks bcause i want to punch my wii when it says that)
i live in omaha nebraska and am looking for people (i found rockwell) but looking for more so yah ill put stuff in a format to make life easier.

Name: Chris
Age: 13 on july 2nd
Height: 5'7
Weight near 190  :-[  :(  :'(
Any friends doing parkour: yes 2 i think as far as i know

Im hope i am welcommed and wont be hated =D

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