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Socialize / x^(-1) 1000th Derivative
« on: October 22, 2009, 05:05:29 PM »
So...  I got bored in calculus (Sad that I have that much time in AP Calc...) and started to wonder what the 1000th Derivative of x^(-1) would look like...  needless to say, I'm not going to go through with figuring that out...

I mean, derivatives are easy and all but to the 1000th would take forever if I was working alone on it

so I was wondering if anyone here wanted to help out for the heck of it (And no, this isn't another one of those "Do my homework for me without me directly asking you to" threads...  No teacher would give a kid this to do...

anyways, for those who don't know, Derivatives are easy if you use the Power Rule

basically, x^(-1) is f(x) {That is pronounced, F of X [Basically, f(x)=x^(1) }

The first derivative is f'(x) {F prime of X} and for that, you take the Power (-1) and multiply it by the coefficient of x (At this point, the coefficient of x for f(x)=x^(-1) is 1 {Because it is 1 times x^(-1) }) and then subtract 1 from the power

so f'(x) = -1x^(-2)

then f"(x) {The second derivative} is +2x^(-3)

the third, f"'(x) is -6x^(-4) {Multiply posative 2 by negative 3 (The coefficient by the power) and then subtract 1 from the power)

after that, the derivatives are written with numbers instead of apostraphes


f{4}(x) is +24x^(-5)
f{5}(x) is -120x^(-6)

so, if anyone is interested or completely bored out of their mind beyond the point of the Grammar Nazi thread and would like to do one or two every now and then, please, it would sooth my mind (Which drives me out of itself a lot of times...)

-Kyle B.

Parkour And Freerunning / The intense dangers of Parkour
« on: September 14, 2009, 07:26:24 PM »
I'm tired of people telling me to "Stop doing that, you'll get hurt."

That is just ridiculous...  Not only do they assume I have no clue what I am doing or that I actually CAN, but they TELL me, not warn me, TELL me that I am going to get hurt...  No faith...  No care to get outside and just do stuff...  They all want to just stay inside or take the escalator...  They might as well make us walk around with full pads and a helmet...

In fact, that is what I made this thread for...  We need to show (Prove to) people that most things are actually more dangerous than Parkour...

We need to get some statistics together and show people how safe (When done properly) Parkour really is

So yea...  I searched and can't fine any definite numbers on Parkour injuries per year (And I mean by people who aren't just running outside and jumping off of things... I mean people who are TRYING to learn what they are doing

Comparing whatever number it could possibly be

Common things like Commercial Flight or Driving on the Highway and even walking up stairs are generally more dangerous than Parkour...

As hilarious as it was, I once saw a large group of people walking up a stair case and a guy near the top tripped and basically knocked everyone down...  Now like I said, it was funny but I felt bad for laughing because it was not good...  I see it all the time at school...  People rushing to or from Lunch trip down the stairs and take out 5 or more people...  yet Parkour, of which no injuries at the school have happened, is shunned and slapped at...  They jump to conclusions and assume that we are just trying to jump over stuff...  but even still I don't see why they think we are going to get hurt...  Wow, we jump over a picnic table...  yea... real dangerous...  We don't do anything dangerous at the school because there isn't anything there except the picnic tables and walls...  also we don't want people trying anything too over the top...

and on top of all of this, Traceurs practice the utmost safety at all times...

But yea...  basically, we need to list stuff like that...  things that show that they are yelling at nothing...  I hope you all understand what I mean... Maybe I just needed to release a little steam... but I really would like a list with some Statistics to show that PK is really relatively safe compared to most things...


Injury Reports / Precision Miss
« on: September 13, 2009, 04:09:40 PM »
September 13th 2009

13:00 ish

9/4/1991 18 years old

Kyle (Rage)

Douglasville, Georgia

5 Years experience

Calculated out about 14-21 hours a week practice (2-3 hours each day)

Some Karate (Not officially taught) and Tai Chi if that counts for anything, BMX, and Skate Boarding, oh and Soccor

Down Town Douglasville Town Square

Conditions: Perfect

I was doing a gauge jump for a precision that was a bit further than I was comfortable with...

Other team members were there but just spectating this

Basically, I overjumped the gauge and undershot the actual obstacle...  So my right foot touched it with the back of the Shoe and it slipped forwards sending my left leg straight down (I was trying to save it with a crane and would have if the shoe had held) and my left knee slapped the side of the brick pillar full force

Overall Rating of severity - It hurt like the dickens but was mainly just scraped up a bit...  I also pulled the muscles in my thigh...  that is just annoying because as I walk, they feel tense... as if, gee willikers, I pulled the muscles so rating is maybe 4 out of 10... probably a little more severe than that but it stopped bothering me quickly, I still stayed off of it because I'm not stupid, the longer I stay off of it, the quicker I can get back on it... as funny as that sounds...

No doctor visit, not near severe enough... though to be safe, I probably will... simply because my knees aren't as durable as they should be by inheritence (Both of my parents had bad knees all of their lives even though they didn't do anything knee-straining)

I Took pictures of my injured leg as well as my uninjured leg so that you can compare to see what is different (I have weird knees that LOOK all busted up, but trust me, they work fine... well ok, I have bum knees... but they are not broken or dislocated...  I apologize for the Blurriness, the only person that could take the pictures for me is sick...  But yea...  the injured one is NOT dislocated, it is just the odd way I had to turn it to take the pictures)
Also, it isn't swollen as bad as the picture looks...  it is a tad more swollen than the other leg but it is BARELY noticeable with the real eye

Injured Knee:


Uninjured Knee:


and yes, my legs really are that hairy... that isn't the camera  ::)

It was mainly a freak accident but I could have avoided it if I had done the guage on the ground instead of trying for half distance to judge power neccesity... but to tell the truth, I'm glad I fell because, that was a jump that wasn't meant to make it so I KNOW for a fact that I can with a jump that is

I've never had any big injuries... nothing more than a scrape or so... but the last injury that I had was from me sitting at a table and then doing an inverted 360 vault to sit on the other side of the table (When I went to get my legs between the table and the seat {picnic table} My right leg didn't quite clear and the table did a pretty scratch down the side of it...) 1 out of 10

It was a freak accident... I was trying for half distance to see if I could make it for full distance but managed to make it about 9.9/10 distance and slipped up on the recovery...  sucks but I'll get over it... at least I know that I can make it with no problem now...  So I learned a LOT from this "injury"

Edit: From My angle, I couldn't see it, but my mom took a look at it and pointed out some swelling on the side... so that is indeedly swollen on the side...  Well, at least I am Icing it and all that noise...  proper things needed to recover quickly but correctly... but yea, just wanted to update it...  it was swollen pretty nicely in that picture...


Parkour And Freerunning / Jam and Vendage in Douglasville
« on: July 31, 2009, 06:52:31 PM »
If you don't feel like reading ALL of this ridiculousity then just skip to the last paragraph!

Oh and also... I really don't know where to put this jumble of news...  It is just a lot that we are doing so I figure it can fit into 1 thread instead of many... so it is a grab bag of info... if it is in the wrong spot, please move it and I'm sorry

So... we have gotten permission from Deer Lick Park in Douglasville to have a Jam up in the grassy field behind Raggedy Skate Shack.  It's not JUST a grassy field though... we are bringing in many different things like tables and boxes and a wall or 2 plus the stuff that is already there (Like the epic yet pointless bridge)

So yea...  August 29th 4pm-9pm (The weather isn't bad at all!  We just got back from Raggedy's Game of SKATE that was from 4-9 (They invite us to do Demos when they do stuff like that) so yea... it may be humid but it stays 70-80 degrees most of the time)

That might not be so important here because most of the people here aren't in Georgia

But the other news that is bigger for us that I guess might be big here is that the lady that runs Raggedy Skate Shack said that she talked with "The American Parkour Association" (I think that she meant APK but I don't know) about becoming a vendor for T-Shirts and Stickers and all of that fun stuff

But even more-better (Grammar for the win) is that she said that she got in contact with K-Swiss and they are working out some kind of deal so that they can be a vendor for Ariake!

They are making us a Parkour louge in the other side of their shop that will vend those things and also have a TV or two that show PK videos and a couch! so yea...

Oh! Nearly forgot!  We were talking with the Head of Parks and Recreation and they are behind us 100% on constructing a Parkour Park!  They are measuring the level of interest in Parkour as a reason to build the park SO! the more people we get to this jam, the more they will push to build this park!

So... to wrap up everything I just said,  We are having a Jam on the 29th up behind the Skate Shack from 4-9 so show up if you can.  It will help our cause on building this Parkour Park for everyone to use.  Raggedy is also setting up a lounge for any Traceur to relax before and after a hard days training and also are selling Ariakes and PK clothing.  So, show up if you can! But I really don't expect people to take plane flights to get here for this lol it'd be awesome if you did though  ;)


Pics & Vids / Team Avian's First Half of '09
« on: July 18, 2009, 09:15:24 AM »
Well, We've been wanting to make some kind of sampler for a while... so here it is

the first half of this year has been great, this video was a lot of fun to make so I hope that you have a lot of fun watching it!

(The clips are not really in chronological order... just kind of threw them in there and arranged them to a nice order)

Sampler First Half of '09


Parkour And Freerunning / Question about the Women section
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:40:55 PM »
So... are we, Traceurs (Males) allowed to venture into that area? Because I like to try and help everyone, no matter the gender... So yea... I wonder what goes on in there...

(It's like when you were younger and there was the Girls Bathroom next to the one you went into... you always wondered... what was it like in there... until one day, you ventured forth... scared forever... until you realized that women were good and cootieless... then you didn't care...)

Point being...

Is it STRICTLY for women or can men discuss/help out too?  Because, Like I said, I like to try and be of assistance to everyone... not just a particular group of every ones

(PS: I really don't even see a reason as to why they should be "Separate" or "Secluded" in a dark dank place in the "Specialty" section...  But I guess it makes them more comfortable to not have guys all over them or something)


Socialize / Blender (3D Modelling Program not food related)
« on: June 30, 2009, 11:04:30 PM »
Unless you make something food related IN the program... then it would be food related...


Blender...  I come here to not off topicate the PK Robot's thread any more...

I love Blender... have used it forever... (Moved to it from 3DSMax because Blender was free and better)

I have trouble with Bones though...

My main problem that I would love to have fixed over anything else... is the Randomly occurring... well this...

I have no clue why it does that...  But I'm sure it is one of those stupidly simple "Click the button there" fixes...

I can't really remember anything else right now (Kind of attack them as they come up and forget about them when they aren't bothering me...)


Socialize / Spell This!
« on: June 29, 2009, 06:15:15 PM »
With the new uprising of the many forum games... I've had this idea for a while... so Why no try it out here?

Basically, you get 1 letter per post and you try to spell a word... (It's easier to see rather than tell)


Post 1


Post 2


Post 3


Post 4


(now, this poster has 2 choices... He/She can say



In which case, the next person starts a new word by putting a Letter

OR,  He/She can simply put


which means that the next person MUST continue the word...

so Post 5


then Stopsi

eventually spelling Stopsign  End or Stopsigns End... yadda yadda...  {We will count "Fake" compound words... because Stop Sign is the proper way but oh friggen well})

So... I think everyone has either got it or will catch on...

I guess I'll kick this off and see how far it gets...


Pics & Vids / Deer Lick Training Grounds
« on: June 25, 2009, 12:37:51 PM »

We went up to Deer Lick yesterday and got some footage...  Nothing big, but it sure was fun


Pics & Vids / Room Training
« on: June 22, 2009, 10:49:58 PM »
Room Training

This is a small video I made a few days ago out of boredom and insomnia...  It shows some of the ways that you can condition and train in your room...  I did it half way because I always hear people saying, "I have no where to train or condition" or something like that... You can do more than you think in your own room

So enjoy... and no flaming please...


Parkour And Freerunning / Team Avian's Website
« on: June 22, 2009, 09:57:38 PM »
I don't want this to seem like I'm advertising or trying to steal APK's thunder but we (Team Avian) finally have a website! it may be temporary, it may be final... It may be temporarily final... who knows...

Point being... to those who care to keep track of us (lol?), you can see our upcoming events, new videos, and pictures aswell as ask us questions and post in the probably to be used less than salt on ice cream forums...

anywho and point being... is the site address... drop by and have a chat... view the videos, comment on the pics, read the blog, and check the events calender (mostly blank for now but hey...) also, it will be a great way for people who are near by (West Metro Atlanta) to see what's up in our area

feel free to register and keep in touch!

(PS: We will still be spending the majority of our online time here, the site is mainly a source of info from us to those who care lol)


Parkour And Freerunning / Technically an Expo today
« on: June 19, 2009, 08:13:38 PM »
So... I've somewhat talked about it... and by somewhat I mean not really much at all... just some mentionages here and there

anyways... Today, at Deer Lick Park (Near where we are based in Douglasville),  Team Avian was called to a Skate Park/Skate Shop Grand Opening thing... to do some Parkour

They had the Drifters Skate Crew up there doing an expo and some photo shoots... well, we were also told to be there to show off some Parkour/Free running...

There isn't really much to tell... we got there, showed off, got a HUGE response from the audience, then afterwards, continued to PK/FR around the park...

Some basic highlights (Not that many here REALLY care lol!)

We played an hour or 2 long game of horse (NO ONE WOULD MESS UP!!!) that ended in some EPIC on the spot improv moves like front hand springs over 7 foot long tables and konging a picnic table to cat a fence... some not so impressive stuff, just having fun

The first move that was pulled was me running up the Quarter Pipe, Kicking off to level myself, then a basic kong over the fence/railing thing on the back of it to a 7ish foot drop and land... nothing big or grand... but as soon as I landed, silence... a lot of the people were just looking... in what I hope was awe... then the noise returned and we went on to do more stuff around the place...

Funny story, we were doing vaults off of a ledge on the fun box in the middle of the park.  One of the guys from the skate team went and did some sort of epic skate board move (I wasn't looking) while I did a kong over the ledge... What I didn't know was that someone was taking a picture of him doing that... so now there is some guy taking a picture of some really talented skater man doing a trick over some random skinny kid doing a kong on a ledge... I HOPE they keep that picture and put it on their site...

Anyways... I'm STILL hyped up because during the event, I got down 2 moves that I had never tried but wanted to learn since I started... they aren't grand either but hey... I got down the double kong AND the Flag Pole hang in a matter of about 15 minutes...  I'm goin insane because I've never done anything that was planned... like, no events or jams or anything... just personal and team training... never anything anywhere where I was known to be going to by anyone else...

Well, after a bit, we decided to go inside and cool off... lol everyone was outside so we decided to do some stuff over the picnic tables indoors (we did ask permission first, don't worry)  That was fun because it was a low ceiling so it was all fairly tight stuff...

Anyways... after a bit of that, Red Bull shows up and starts handing out free Red Bulls, like they do EVERYWHERE... yay Red Bull and their product placementality...

So yea... after a bit of that, and 2 Red Bulls a person later, we went back outside and started to do some choreographed moves over the table (Like planning where each person will be and doing stuff around each other)

I did a flag hang on the fence pole while someone tac-d off of it right beside me, I let down and he did a front hand spring over the table long ways and I nailed a double kong... (BOTH moves that I wanted to learn woo!)

The Red Bull people saw us and asked us to do it again so that they could record it! Epicacy! I don't know if that was for the people's personal video enjoyage or if they were going to show it to anyone important(er) but I really don't care... to get recorded by ANYONE means that we are atleast doing decent!

So I'll wrap this up, the last thing we did was a completely LUCKY accidental timing endeavor...  One person did a slide thing across the table long ways just in front of me doing a dash across ways followed closely by Garrett doing a diving kong long ways... it was pure luck... so we decided to go again, this time with the Camera...

Well anyways... all in all, it was EPIC, many people became interested, we got the word out about the classes that we are planning on starting very soon, I learned 2 moves that I REALLY wanted to, we actually technically recruited 2 people to the team because they were already doing great at it, and we got to talk to some people at Red Bull about it... I can't wait to see what happens next...

It has pretty much been a REALLY lucky month so far...

So yea... I'm still freakin out and ungodly pumped and it is passed midnight... So I'm not gonna waste anymore of your time here and end this beast of a post AND this beast of a day!


Lexicon / 180 Lazy :: 360 Lazy (Turn Lazy) and Inverted 360
« on: May 31, 2009, 07:44:48 PM »
Basically, it is a Lazy vault with a degree of spin coming out of it...

I did my first one unintentionally...  You do a basic lazy but almost come out of it past your exit arm... this generally forces you into a spin that starts out horizontal but ends vertical... like... 180 spin while going from laying to standing position...

It can be unintentional but practical uses could be to send you out in a different direction than the normal lazy or to set you up for another spin related vault such as the inverted 360 or the turn vault

The inverted 360 is where you almost do a cartwheel over an obstacle but turn into it at the last second making you spin in the air...

this is done so that you can enter it without having to turn sideways with your feet (kick off on your back foot) and come out going straight...

It can also be used as a Turn Vault variation

These are mainly Free Running moves but have practical applications in Parkour depending on the situation...


Pics & Vids / Team Avian Theater Tech Practice
« on: May 31, 2009, 07:17:14 PM »
Yes... we FINALLY got the video together... this is actually only about half of a school semester... it took us forever to actually compile the video because it was just so amazingly epic that Windows Movie Maker (WMM) wouldn't compile it on most computers... finally I found one that worked, finalized some things and compiled it about an hour ago..

anywho... here is the final product for the Training Progression during 1 half semester of Theater Tech Crew Class

For those who don't know... Theater Tech Class is a class where we design and build the sets and props for the school plays... in other words... we are officially allowed to Parkour and Free Run on the sets to ensure their stability...

The teacher said, "Honestly, what's the worst that could happen... you break it, you build it stronger..."

true greatness...

anyways, without further a due

Theater Tech

We had fun making the video... and the props for it...


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