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More details are here, It's definitely a go!
Facebook Event Link for RSVP

If you don't have a ride post up where you live and some contact information.. its possible other people may be willing to help!

Jam will start at 1pm at Sawyer Point Park (directions)
on the Cincinnati Riverfront (If you're in Cincinnati it would be to the left of USBANK Arena and the other Stadiums) The Exact spot will be near the playground/volleyball courts under the Yellow Bridge.

We will be at this park and surrounding areas for most of the day.
Evening will be a grill-out (bring $ to contribute for food if possible, food will be provided regardless) starting around 7pm

Evening training will take place at some of the other local parks and local campuses

Sunday Morning we will be doing some trail work and other training at Ault Park which is in Eastern Cincinnati. The remainder of the day will be left up to the group on deciding to visit previous spots or to go explore some more around down town.

Sunday Night - Top Flight Gymnastics hosts an awesome PK Open Gym. They have a lot of awesome equipment and great stuff that make this fun for everyone! Admission is 10$ and starts at 6:30 and usually goes to 8:30 or 9pm

Top Flight Gymnastics is located in Northern Kentucky 15 minutes from Down Town Cincinnati.

We need to make arrangements for people to stay and want to be sure we can house everyone!

Also Please pass this on to other people you think might be interested!!"

Illinois / Midwest FB Group
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Indiana / Midwest FB Group
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Iowa / Midwest FB Group
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Kansas / Midwest FB Group
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Nebraska / Midwest FB Group
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Missouri / Midwest FB Group
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Midwest / Midwest Parkour Facebook Group
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:16:16 AM »
I've created a Facebook group for Midwest Traceurs to dynamically stay connected.. Facebook is a great tool for those who don't have time to browse multiple sites!
Official Midwest Parkour

I'll be keeping up with leaders of the Midwest groups to ensure jams and meetups are current and posted. I almost didn't make it to INPK Midwest Jam since i don't frequent APK often.. Completely didn't know about Ohio Valley Jam untill i was at Midwest Jam.. So Lets help spread the word and take advantage of these technologies.. Join the group!

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