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Injuries - Discussion / Chills while running & Groin issues
« on: July 27, 2007, 05:02:31 PM »
Tuesday while doing sled drags I aggravated the right side of my groin, rested Wednesday and Thursday while running I started to feel it again. Today I ran extremely hard and ignored it but it was there.

It does not bug me while walking or sitting but if I lie down and lift my foot it hurts from the moment I do until it’s about a foot off the ground.

Would RICE still apply? How would I compress or elevate, can I stretch it or will it aggravate it more?

Also this last week while conditioning in very hot whether I’ve experienced chills on the back of my neck and head and back of my arms. Anyone know what could cause this?

Diet / Zone Diet questions
« on: July 25, 2007, 10:20:50 AM »
So I started the zone diet recently but I ran into a couple problems and I have some questions.

1. First is how would one decide how many blocks they need, I went off of the medium male requirements from the article below but to me it felt like it was a lot of food. Is there a more accurate way to calculate what my block requirements are?

2. My goal is to lose weight for the moment and I would have to operate at a calorie deficit, after I’ve established my block requirements how would I go about doing that? Just shave a couple blocks off?

3. Now, the day I started I woke up and had breakfast, it felt like too much food and through a good portion of practice I felt odd with so much in my stomach. It said I needed 5 blocks at every meal and 1 for snacks, my question is would I be able to reduce the number of blocks in the morning and shift them to later meals for example three at breakfast and 6 for lunch and dinner or would it interfere with the diets goals?

4. “Eat your vegetables” oddly I never heard that phrase at my dinner table. I just didn’t eat them, this lead to some trouble while trying to get carbs from healthy veggies and fruits instead of grain, which fruits and vegetables are recommend for the diet?

5.Last but not least, why fish oil?
I understand its effects and benefits and I’ve been taking it on and off for a while now, and I started seriously again not too long ago, my dad asked me why I was taking it and when I explained to him he said “why not just take an omega three supplement”? And well, I didn’t know.
So why fish oil instead, is it better or cheaper or is it really the same thing.

Training Journals / 7th_Samurai's log
« on: July 18, 2007, 10:30:30 AM »
So after much procrastination (of which I’m an expert) I’ve finally decided to start a training log.

Just for some background on me. My name is mike, I’m 16 and at the moment I’m about 5’10, 170-175 lbs.

I absolutely love parkour and would love to devote more time to it but I’m forced to simply dabble in the fine art as I play football for my school and it usually leaves me with either no time or energy to gain any benefit from parkour training at the moment.

My training at the moment is geared towards football. My current workout schedule is a mix of lifting and conditioning Monday –Friday and Saturday and Sunday are usually rest days.

On the team I play the position of lineman and although I’m not small compared to the average person I’m dwarfed by all the other linemen in either height, width or a mixture of both. Basically I have amazing talent for my size but everyone outweighs me by at the very least 50 lbs., which makes the sport challenging for me.

This leads me to my goals. Nonspecifically I want to gain strength to the point where I can truly compete with the fat-clad behemoths I’m pitted against without attaining their size.

My school is about 4 years old going on five and it has built an impressive football program and the football team has won 3 district championships out of the 4 years its been here. The team’s focus is now to win a state championship and thus the coaches are pushing us rather hard. It’s summer and we’re at the school 5 times a week from 8-1 training and preparing for what will hopefully be a great season.

Parkour And Freerunning / Parkour in another game...sorta
« on: June 13, 2007, 07:35:59 PM »
Entertaining little game that possesses many elements of parkour/free running
Basically the character is being chased by something through specific environments and has to escape using only his body and the environment.
The character employs forward rolls, cat hangs and leaps, an occasional front flip and in one level uses construction machinery to aid in his escape.

Not entirely sure if it belongs here but there was another post about a game on this section way back when so yeah, hope its in the right spot.

Injuries - Discussion / Braces and an MRI
« on: October 02, 2006, 11:25:04 AM »
I am not sure of what forum to post this in but it somewhat has to do with injury

I recently injured my leg during a football game and have been resting it, icing it, elevating it, etc. the swelling has gone down considerably, thus it is now time for me to get an MRI but the problem is that I have braces and another apparatus in my mouth and was told it could possibly be ripped out or heat up during the MRI because it is essentially a giant magnet.   

I wanted to know if anyone else has ever encountered this problem or knows anything about it.

Injuries - Discussion / Anyway to speed up recovery?
« on: September 28, 2006, 01:45:31 PM »
First off my name is mike and I’m new to the whole parkour thing, I find it really interesting and haven’t really started into training because its currently J.V football season and I haven’t had too much time for anything because of our extremely long practices, I’ve been drilling rolls and basic landings etc. and hoped to start as soon as the football season ended, now to my question, yesterday during our football game against Miramar about three defenders making a tackle all fell on my left leg while i was standing up blocking someone ( I play center) and as they came down my foot buckled under the weight and I heard a snap and felt it around to the left of my shin, i got up and my leg just didn’t feel right as I tried to walk on it so I limped to the sideline and the trainer checked it out and said it was possibly broken or something with the ligament or tendon and i had to sit there as my team got crushed 38 -0 (i was injured 12 plays into the first quarter) ,i have heard about R.I.C.E and attempted to enact as many elements of the acronym as possible but it was hard as there was very limited bench space, i was able to ice it and keep off it but that’s about it, it didnt hurt too bad at first but then the outside ball of the ankle swelled up to a bit smaller than tennis ball size , I went to the hospital after the game and they x-rayed it , I was told the bone is not broken but it may be a tendon or ligament issue, and that I was to stay off it for 2 days and continuously ice it and if it got better then it is just a really bad sprain but if the pain persisted then I would have to get an MRI to find out what it is, I’m on crutches and its fine for now I’m still in the two day waiting period and i cant stand not being able to play and just having the feeling that I’m letting down my team, it feels as though I’m trapped in a fragile vessel called a body and I want to heal up and get back to playing as soon as possible, so my question is that I wanted to know if there is anything I can do in order to accelerate the recovery process or if you have any advice or insight on what the injury may be as i still dont know.

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