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Florida / Looking for training partners in Delray
« on: February 04, 2015, 07:53:42 PM »
Might be moving to Delray soon and I'm curious as to how the parkour community's like there. willing to train all day every day till I get a job so anyone hit me up ;D Im 19 and instagrams @mellen_man
any info on the pk com anywhere in fl is also Gucci, willing to bike or train where needed.

Colorado / Need a place to crash in Denver for 2
« on: February 04, 2015, 07:44:43 PM »
Me and a friend are traveling to Colorado to start things fresh and are just hoofing it with a backpack apiece, we don't care if its just a bit of floor space :) we'd just need that is all, we have enough for food and necessities.
Im James Mellen (19) and Josh White (21)
instagrams, @mellen_man and @explorer_bob
the time frame for the stay would be up to the host but we're moving there on the 17th Feb, 2015.
we're gonna be training at Apex and working all day so there'd be little inconvenience.
willing to do anything to make it work out. 
if nobody's able or willing, then it'd be great if you'd point out some good places to stay during the night and not be particularly exposed to the elements.

Injuries - Discussion / Weird Pinkie Toe Injury
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:35:19 PM »
About a month ago, I was practicing flips in an open gym. Mainly in the foam pits and occasionally on the tumbling trampoline which ends with a foam pit/pad. Normally I'd have no problems... But, I hurt my toes on my left foot. Later, about 2 weeks, Almost all the pain was gone, all but for my pinkie toe  :( In all honesty i know i should have stopped wayyy earlier than i did, but i can tolerate pain so i pushed through... which lead to mystery toe pain. I'm not sure i twiked it (i think if that was the case then it would've healed by now) or if i ripped the toes muscle (not sure if possible) or broke the toe (probably would hurt more though). so with that in mind, heres the full story.... After i felt some pain, i kept on, intill i was just about to go into a italian job (rail flow thingy) when i just felt my pinkie toe just (its really hard to describe) kinda rip / tear / popish (probably the 1st two) i didnt even get to do my flow thing :( haha because i was in extreme pain. i just crumpled and lay with a cold water bottle for like 20 minutes on my toe trying to do my megger attempt at 1st aid :P after that i stumbled around and tried to put some preasure on it but it hurt like hell. 1st, i have not felt the reverse pop / rip that i would think would indicate it going back into joint (just in case it popped out) 2nd, its gotten better but its been a month :(  3rd, precisions, wall runs (with my left foot) still hurt, ect. 4th, I really want to get back into hard training.
PLEASE people I need some info on this, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TOE!!!!!!

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