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Consumer Whores / Re: VFF bikila review
« on: June 09, 2010, 09:26:46 PM »
Nice review, can I ask where you purchased yours? I am trying to get my hands on some to try out.

actually what had happened was that there is a local running shoe store near me, and i had put a back order in for a new pair of KSO's back in February. they just recently called me saying that one of their customers didnt like the bikilas and i was next on the list. so i guess it was a stroke of luck.

apparently you cant get them online and have to find a retailer near you.

Consumer Whores / VFF bikila review
« on: June 08, 2010, 02:19:38 PM »
 shoes are very similar to the VFF KSO's. although the materials used are rather different. the upper covering (if wearing without toe socks) is softer than the KSO's, almost like a moleskin feeling to them. also they have a sort of sneaker like back to them which feels really nice and the abolishment of the all around strap was a great edit to the shoe .very comfortable, but they can get kind of warm due to the trapping of heat on the inside; although the material still breathes which is nice. Vibram somehow constructed the shoe to have a slight curvature to them so it feels like your more inclined to keep on the balls of your feet but its not so bad where it takes away from the barefoot experience.


due to the heat issue mentioned above


 fantastic flexibility, same as the other five finger shoes.



extremely light weight as expected, not much difference here from the KSO's



 they've changed the grip to the shoes a bit. the new bottom sole responds great on rails and other metallic smooth surfaces, same with concrete, brick etc etc. cant really complain on this one, but i havent tried it on wet surfaces as of yet.


due to lack of knowledge on wet surfaces


the breathability as stated before is a little iffy. but my feet generate a lot of heat also ive been wearing toe socks so that doesnt really help either lol



 there is no cushioning. same as the other VFF's



they dont seem to be wearing down all that much, but rather they're new so i cant really say, shall update later



really depends on how much your willing to drop on a shoe, especially one of this kind. i was lucky enough to have gotten a bit of help paying for them as a grad present from my parents. so on that note they're rather expensive but all in all i think they're worth the price for the look (in which i do actually like) and the construction of the shoe



hard as all holy he77 to find. any vibrams for that matter now. but now i cant go back to normal shoes because it just feels really peculiar

The Bottom Line:


Pros: they're a great shoe, especially for running in and use of in the art.
Cons: pricey and really really really hard to find. also the breathability issue

National Jams / Re: PKNY '10 JUNE 18-20
« on: June 08, 2010, 01:58:29 PM »
had there been any update on this??

Consumer Whores / Re: Soap shoes?
« on: May 19, 2010, 07:53:04 PM »
Parkour aside, Soap shoes are kind of fun.  I had a pair twelve years ago.

yeah, same here. they were great fun.

ahhhh nostalgia..

Consumer Whores / Re: The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila is Out!
« on: May 19, 2010, 07:30:45 PM »

now i wish i hadnt bought my second pair of KSO's, i had no idea they were going to be coming out with a new line, these look awesome!!

my response to such situations is simply that i keep quiet and keep going. generally speaking, im so fed up with the sheer ignorance and arrogance of society as a whole, especially when they find something new to poke at that they don't fully understand.

moreover a lot of you guys in this thread are right, why keep perpetuating problem by cramming more and more information into their throats when you've already made hundreds of valid arguments? if said person/people choose to keep ignorant to new ideas and schools of thoughts than let them, it will be their downfall and your strength!

but $0.02

My response?  "Cool wears off.  Useful never does."  Thanks to Leon for that comeback.  ;D

really awesome response btw, agreed!!! thank you leon!

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: This makes me feel old, lol...
« on: May 04, 2010, 08:39:33 AM »
aw dude, your not old at all.

im right behind you at the ripe old age of 23 and going into my first full year of practice and i havent even started on trying the flips and aerials. ive been so concentrated on conditioning my body, changing my eating habits and working on the basic movements. it feels great when you begin to feel the parkour "flow" as im sure many of the seasoned practitioners are well familiar with and will tell you the same.

and also to reiterate what everyone has already said. its all about progression, take your time. relearn yourself and what your capable of and than begin building ontop of that!

good luck and keep at it. id say "believe me its well worth it" but you'll find that out soon enough im sure  :D

"already" 24?!! Wow, they let you out the retirement home to do Parkour?


(P.S. I'm 47, and just starting.  :P)


holy cow, you must be from the stone age! you would know all about being primal than :P

but in all seriousness i really admire the older generation that practice. it gives me a sense of pride when i hear people walking by saying "aren't you a little old to be doing that?? you should get off the playground..." lol

Pennsylvania / Re: Help the cause Slyvanians
« on: April 17, 2010, 07:56:26 PM »
what about stuff near the middle of the state? like harrisburg?

i mean we cant just make it ALL east sided....well we could...oh nvm  :P

Socialize / Re: Slender Man
« on: April 15, 2010, 06:37:09 PM »
OMG i gotto stop looking in this freaking thread!!!!!

it freaks me the hell out every time!!!!!

Socialize / Re: Belle & Sebastian's New CD
« on: April 15, 2010, 06:32:07 PM »
lmao  :-Sarcasm [WTF]

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Abusers of parkour
« on: April 15, 2010, 01:41:54 PM »

For another example I'm choosing this entire channel "epicfailure1235"

Almost all of their reckless backtucks end in a crumpled splat on the ground.

ive watched the entire thing in utter horror

Your body automatically gets stronger the more you train it.  This includes bones and tendons.  So just don't train faster than your slowest developing tissue (tendons mostly).  There's a reason runners everywhere advocate +10% volume per week.  It is to prevent overtraining.

what do you mean by 10% volume???

You better!!!

That's what I was thinking... Allentown and Emmaus(sp) is practically a straight shot up 309.

hey david, i could probably pick you up and we could make the trip together.

i was thinking taking the turnpike straight out there. does anyone have room and board available or were we thinking hotels?

Consumer Whores / Re: Vibrams questions
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:03:14 PM »
i need to get a new pair and these things are on back order now >.<

guess everyone caught wind after reading "born to run"

Consumer Whores / Re: Vibrams questions
« on: April 12, 2010, 08:43:55 AM »

8.The smell, but wearing them with socks or Bounce dryer towels will fix that.

ive heard of doing that before, does it actually work?
and moreover you put the dryer sheets inside the vibrams while you wear them?

p.s. mine are pretty stinky too lol

Socialize / Re: Word Association
« on: April 09, 2010, 07:38:58 PM »

Socialize / Re: Forum Recognition Game
« on: April 09, 2010, 07:38:27 PM »

i always remember the yellow sign, man your all over the place lol

Thread & Board Archive / Zac's interview
« on: April 08, 2010, 09:55:21 PM »
whats your biggest life fear?

Socialize / Re: Word Association
« on: April 08, 2010, 05:38:00 PM »
venetian blinds

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: Abusers of parkour
« on: April 08, 2010, 05:30:30 PM »
first off welcome to APK, secondly i love your signature!

lastly onto your thread...

that is the most RIDICULOUS thing ive heard thus far about, as you've said, kids abusing the discipline.

id first comment that they deserve to break their bones have nasty spills to show them that our "concrete teacher" is not at all forgiving. but on the other hand it is an extremely serious problem that the art is construed as being something that it is not. not even close to what the real message is as to what we do. i personally don't think i have much room on what suggestions to give considering i've only been training for close to a year now but on that note, it seems your own a good path in correcting a bad image. but it seems it will certainly take a long time before being successful, seeing as (how all know) that the bad is always remembered before the good.  >:(

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