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Title: Training Log
Post by: Violentsun on March 26, 2008, 06:51:04 AM
 My first training log ;D
     Tonight I killed myself with the following
                      Explosive Leg Matrix
                      Sprint 25m, 50m,100m, 400m*
                      Dand to "planche progression" push up
                      Sprint back to start
                       Repeated 2 times for time...

             After the Explosive leg matrix (see below) I'd immediatley sprint 25m drop and do the pushes, up and sprint back to the start, more explosive leg work but this time I'd sprint 50m the next 100m etc...

         Explosive Leg matrix
             Done fluidly from one to the next
              5 ankle hops
              5 jump squats
              5 jump squats with knee tuck

     The workout killed me :P As for my time... well I forgot my stop watch (dickhead) but the second round was a hell of a lot slower than the first. I could barely jog the last 400m.