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Title: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: Ryan Brown on June 14, 2007, 01:21:38 PM
I'll preface this by saying that I know the WOD isn't strictly supposed to be a workout plan on it's own and that many people only use it as a small piece of their training program but I'd like to see it become more and more complete as time goes on. Here's my suggestions.

I wish there were more dips. Push ups are very common in the WOD but they seem to target the chest more than the triceps. Dips seem more of a 50/50 between triceps/chest exercise.

There have been a few instances where a 5k run was employed and I know that interval training is also very effective for cardio but the major endurance challenge of a 5k would do many traceurs well. (myself included)

What do you guys wish the WOD would use more often?
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: Alissa J. Bratz on June 14, 2007, 01:57:35 PM
Massage, champagne cocktails, and chocolate cake.  ;)

Sadly, none of these (well, maybe massage, in a wellness sense) are terribly conducive to fitness.

Okay, joking aside, I guess I haven't done the WOD enough to notice anything really lacking. What I like about it is that it switches things up every day. Someone else is thinking up the exercises so I don't have to, and then it's different every day.

It would be nice, maybe, to know what goes into the decision-making process for how the daily exercises are chosen for that day, and why; but maybe that's more information than we need.

I dunno. Interesting question.
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: whiteninja on June 14, 2007, 02:55:32 PM
Push-ups are a chest exercise when the arms are held our perpendicular to the body. (They also hurt your rotator cuffs in this position.)
When your arms are tucked up against your body, the exercise focuses on the triceps.
When your arms are out at about 45 degrees, you recruit both chest and triceps for a happy medium.

It's sort of like how on the bench press, the closer the grip, the more triceps, the wider the grip, the more chest.

I don't see how dips use the chest at all, though maybe I'm just missing something.

I sometimes do the CrossFit WOD's, but more often than not, I do something of my own that I think of spontaneously.
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: Steve Low on June 14, 2007, 04:53:18 PM
Make your own workouts if you feel you need specific work in other areas. Essentially you can pick any exercises you want to program in so if there's something else with pushups you can put in dips and it's pretty much fine. It doesn't matter that much -- just say you subbed in dips for pushups if you are posting times.

APK WOD is based on CF methodology except he doesn't have any rest days programmed in like CF automatically does. CF is 3 on 1 off with a general structure of metcon, ME, metcon.

And yes, pushups should be done arms tucked or 45ish degrees. Basically the same way you would do a bench press correctly. Correctly is not perpendicular to the body so if you're doing that you should correct your form.

WN: Dips recruit A LOT of "lower" chest. You'll notice that once you start adding lots of weight...
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: 7th__Samurai on June 14, 2007, 06:58:48 PM
I agree with Steven, if you feel the program is lacking in something or you need specific work in another area then you should just add the desired exercise or put it in as a substitution for another.

Dips target all the heads of the triceps and mainly the bottom of the Pectoralis major (bottom of the chest). Dips can be tweaked however to place more of a load on either one depending on your form. The more you bend forward while dipping, the more you work the pectorals. Conversely, the more you straighten your torso, the more you involve the triceps.

As for the pushups, same thing, depending on where you place your hands you can shift the load, to get more work on the triceps you can do “diamond pushups” you should place your hands close together in almost a diamond shape. This mimics a close griped bench and works the triceps a lot more than the conventional push up. So either replace the regular pushups with these or do a mixture of both.

Concerning the 5k run, why not just go. If you feel it will challenge and benefit you then you should just go and do it really instead of wait for the WOD to tell you to do so.
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: gearsighted on June 15, 2007, 03:56:42 AM
Exactly ;)

I've programmed the WOD to be enough to get by as far as fitness is concerned, covering a little bit of everything, but not specializing in anything. This leads to some broad and inclusive adaptations, but no real specific goals other than increases in all of the general physical skills. If Dips are lacking, add them to the warm-up in the place of push-ups. If you need to run more :p

Keep in mind that the WOD is designed to be useful for a variety of people, there are some for which full-bore is too much, just enough, or just a supplement to their regular training. For that fact, I try to keep it simple and make it readily scalable while also making it available to as wide of an audience as possible. This necessarily reduces its ability to be absolutely perfect for any one person, but allows it to be infinitely more useful as a backbone upon which to build a personalized program.
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: Paul Leon Mederos on July 16, 2007, 06:45:06 PM
I used to follow the WOD until I knew most of the movements and knew what I needed. After that I started formulating my own workouts and have since been doing so. From tiem to time I do the WOD or borrow certain pieces and add others, remove some.

It looks like you know what you need, now be creative  ;)
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: pete on July 17, 2007, 12:45:43 PM
hmm if leaning forwards in a dip uses the lower part of the pectorals more then what works the top of them?
actually, how can only the lower part of the pectoral be in use, i thought it was all one muscle, so really if your working something involving pecs, then wont it be using all your pecs, or is the muscle in two separate parts and each one used differently?
Title: Re: "The WOD is great but I wish there were more (insert exercise here)"
Post by: Steve Low on July 17, 2007, 02:35:03 PM

stuff that works the upper are things like incline pressing such as incline bench and any type of overhead presses.

There's actually about 4-5 (can't remember) "bands" of pectoral muscle across your chest that attach at different places... one clavicular head and the rest down the middle of the sternum. So it does have "parts" just like the biceps has 2 heads and the triceps has 3 heads. Since they have different insertions, different exercises will work them differently which means it is possible to have specific hypertrophy is some of the muscle as opposed to other parts.