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Title: Getting over the fear of heights
Post by: Vandal on March 08, 2014, 02:26:15 PM
Hello apk! I've recently noticed i can climb to my rooftop by one of my windows. So, being the curious cat i am, i did. But i wasn't expecting such "Fear".

When i got to the top, at first i spent the first minutes crouched, as i didn't want anyone to really notice me. But then i kinda got more comfortable with it, but i noticed that whenever i knew there was some danger in some place i intended to go (for example, the right edge, i wanted to check out the nearby roof), my legs were shaking so hard that i couldn't move standing on my feet, i had to lower myself and go on all 4's.

Any tips of how to lose this kind of fear? And I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.
Title: Re: Getting over the fear of heights
Post by: Dick Stapleton on March 08, 2014, 02:47:10 PM
Doing what you did is pretty much how to get over the fear. If you're uncomfortable with height then just spend some time in high places and do something that doesn't freak you out. If it's QM or just sitting there it doesn't matter, just get yourself to relax. After a while you'll be more comfortable. Just remember that the fear is a good thing as it will keep you safe and within your limits. You really don't wanna do something dumb on a roof haha.
Title: Re: Getting over the fear of heights
Post by: Vandal on March 08, 2014, 03:46:20 PM
Well, i understand when my fear kicks in when I'm on the edge, but not when I'm in the middle of the roof, perfectly safe, and even if i fell, there was no chance of me falling off the roof. But thanks, i guess I'll spend a little more time on the edge.
Thank you for your time!  ;D

Any more suggestions?
Title: Re: Getting over the fear of heights
Post by: Durandalski on March 08, 2014, 07:23:35 PM
I reccomend finding a hight that's totally safe. Like the edge of a bridge or tall building, and spend some time walking around there while looking down. I found that overcoming fear in a situation where there was an actual chance of falling was much more difficult, because there's a good reason to be nervous there. Once the hight didn't bother me, overcoming fear of a similar hight with no safety rail was much easier. :)
Title: Re: Getting over the fear of heights
Post by: Ryan A. Vetter on March 09, 2014, 12:59:12 PM
Most cases of height phobia are simply "vertigo." As Dick said it's important to spend more time at higher altitudes. Becoming more confident in your abilities will help just as much as becoming familiar with the specific environment. If you're going on to a roof top for the first time, safely exploring the roof top to where you have no fear will keep you safe. If you approach the edges your sense of fear heightens, but this is just a rush of adrenaline feeding your fight/flight response. You need to maintain control of yourself/your mind during the influx of adrenaline, and you will find the effect reduces itself in minutes to a couple hours.

Pro advice: I'm still phobic to heights but as long as I have the right state of mind long enough, walking the edges of a building seems less daunting. It's all about control.