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Title: Anyone from Christchurch, New Zealand?
Post by: Ruskin on November 13, 2011, 01:46:12 PM
Am 41 and started parkour about 6 months ago, just trying to learn some simple basics (rolling and landing). Got interested in it, because my first exposure was seeing a wall spin at the beginning of the TV series "Alphas" and wanted to learn it (as it looked simple).

Of course, my first attempt was a monumental failure, which is why I  decided to go back to the basics (with the rolling and landing) and have just started progressing to palm spins. The only way I can learn, is from you tube videos (and there are heaps of really good ones). But NZ doesn't seem to have embraced the parkour movement, so trying to find someone who can watch and critique where I am struggling, is not possible. We have no academies and haven't found anyone who in my area who knows very much about it.

Anyway, after a few weeks of trying palm spins, I think I am getting close to being able to do a complete spin over a railing (am practicing on the corner of a table and am able to land it each time, past the line of the table. So my only concern, is if my feet are clearing the height of the table before they swing down to the landing).
My main problem was not moving my head around first (ie: jumping with my legs leading my head) and jumping over the table, instead of over my pivot arm. But as soon as I started trying to jump over my arm and looking at my landing point as quickly as I could, I found I started spinning a bit quicker.

Just wondering if anyone else here, is from Christchurch, as it would be great to train with someone else. Both to keep motivated and to see where things are going wrong (or right)...
Title: Re: Anyone from Christchurch, New Zealand?
Post by: Ruskin on November 13, 2011, 02:52:32 PM
Huh.. I was wrong... ( There does seem to be a Christchurch community...