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Title: My first go at a MN workout...
Post by: James Cavin on October 01, 2010, 02:39:20 PM
So I tried my first workout modeled after a Hebert style PE workout.

Series 1
Walked/jogged 1 mile barefoot

Series 2
Pushups x 50 (20, 10, 10, 10)
Squats x 50 (20, 10, 10, 10)
I would do pushups first, then switch to squats. After squats I would go over and start lifting and then switch back to my next set of pushups again. I did this to keep my rest periods down to 0. It allowed me to keep going even on another workout.

Lifting - Lifted cinderblock and attempted to life my 80lb punching bag. Punching bag worked once...
Throw - Nice sized rock that I was able to throw with 1 hand. I would throw it with my right hand, across my body and then jog to it and do it again on the left side. I did this 12 times, or a total of 6 times on each side.

Series 3
Hanging from a tree limb for as long as possible. The tree limbs aren't completely straight so I would turn around and face the other direction so that both hands/arms got the same stress level. Then I did the same thing on 2 separate branches, both at different heights.

Balance Work - I had a 4x4 post and 2 cinderblocks. I stood both cinderblocks up and placed the post on the top hole of the cinderblocks. The blocks weren't very smooth so the post wobbled a bit while I stood on it. I thought this was probably better since it kept my center of balance moving the whole time and increased the work stress. Plus it was a lot of fun, lol.

After the balance work I went back to the tree and did pullups on uneven branches.

Series 4
Sprinted 40 yards barefoot.

So from here I was pretty much dead. The only real rest period I had the whole workout was when I was doing the balance work. Which i'm thinking was by design.

Tomorrow I plan on making it at least to the next Series.

For the 5th series, would it be acceptable to add QM or should I try to put that in with Series 3?

I've never done a workout like this so any help you guys can give me would be great.
Title: Re: My first go at a MN workout...
Post by: Gregg HIPK on October 02, 2010, 01:09:51 PM
Thanks for posting. It's cool to see you trying everything...
It's been a while since I did a "formal" MN workout, so I had to look it up [quote posted FYI]

Pushups are a support [plank] exercise, so they're really a Series 3 exercise [S3]. QM is also S3.
I think of the S2 arm exercises more as joint flexibility exercises, either with or without weights. I guess with more weight or resistance they could be really punishing ;D
It was really smart to alternate the exercises to reduce your rest time. Good thinking [from MN viewpoint :D ]
Punching bag = heavy and awkward. Props for trying to lift it. Be careful, tho. Think of using legs for leverage - I wish the picture links were working so you could see the examples.

Balance exercises are a great way to catch your breath. You can also walk.
The S5 torso exercises are also to help you catch your breath and reduce your heart rate. The examples in the book were standing torso flexes, extensions, and rotations.

What I'm thinking: You started out too hard, so you were worn out by the start of S4. The idea is you want to peak during S6

S1: Shorten your S1 warm-up to a 400-500 m walk/jog for now. If that's too boring, add in finger/ wrist/ elbow/ shoulder mobility exercises. It overlaps w/ S2 a bit, and warms you up, so you'll be able to add weight, or go more intense on S2.

S2: This can get pretty intense. Esp if you're boxing, wrestling, MMA... or doing heavy lifts. Think of doing joint mobility or light resistance exercises between, to catch your breath.

S3: This can also get intense. [Rock climbing, intense QM, etc] So static supports [planks], hangs, partial weight hangs, would be a way to recover. If you're planning intense S3, do easy S2. If you did intense S2, do easy S3

Overall, it sounds like you had fun. I'm inspired to go out and try a few of these again.



Type of exercises to be performed. — Complete and incomplete sessions. — Choice and order of the exercises.

36. Composing a complete session or lesson with the model plan means taking one or preferably several types of exercises in each set and executing them in the order of these series.
Ideally, a complete session or lesson must be made from all the exercises of the model plan. Practically, it comprises the successive execution of 12 following types of exercise:

1° Begin training by walking, taking correct posture and extending members and the trunk [SERIES 1]

2° Exercise the muscles of the arms and legs and work all the joints [SERIES 2]
3° Lift                                                                                     “
4° Throw                                                                                 “
5° Wrestle and box                                                                    “

6° Suspensions and supports [SERIES 3]
7° Climb and scale                      “

8° Hop and run [SERIES 4]

9° Exercising especially the back and abdomen muscles [SERIES 5]

10° Jumping                                 [SERIES 6]
11° Swim* (or run or play)                “

12° Breathe                                 [SERIES 7]
Title: Re: My first go at a MN workout...
Post by: James Cavin on October 04, 2010, 02:38:27 AM
Thanks for the help Gregg!

I'll make the changes for my workout today. Overall, it has been the most fun i've had doing a workout in a long time.
Title: Re: My first go at a MN workout...
Post by: Gregg HIPK on October 04, 2010, 11:04:59 AM
What I like with MN is there's so much variety. Plus, you can add many games or sports as your S6 - so it could be ultimate frisbee, football, basketball, tag, water polo, beach volleyball, ... etc.

JC used to call his endless hours of heavy manual labor his MN workout for the day. "Be strong to be useful", right? ;D